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Despite Obama's Speech, White House Maintains That Marriage Is Not a Federal Issue (Bullshizz!)

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Marriage is everyone's issue, because there are humans out there not getting equal rights reflected by the government (be it federal or state). If you love humanity, this is your issue.

Obama's inaugural speech yesterday blew us away, especially when he spoke about gay marriage in a way that filled the community with hope and pride. Unfortunately, the White House seems to be less adamant about granting a right that everyone should have.

If you don't recall, the President said that:

"Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law – for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well."

Seeeeeriously, that's amazeballs!

Enter White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, who is becoming the nation's largest c*ckblock. Here's what HE said when asked about it:

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Ricky Gervais Jogs Instead Of Hosting The Golden Globes!

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ricky gervais running jogging fitness golden globes

If you weren't asked back for a third year for the Golden Globes, what would you do instead??

We'd probably take a page out of Ricky Gervais's books — and hit the pavement!!

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Lindsay Lohan Got 99,000 Problems, But Eviction Ain't One!

lindsay lohan breakfast at tiffanys gif

ATTN EVERYONE EVER: We have POSITIVE Lindsay Lohan news!

Our freckled friend has had a VERY unfortunate year — but things aren't quite as bad as a certain El Lay realtor would have you believe. (Almost, but not quite.)

According to recent reports, the realtor selling Lilo's Beverly Hills home is telling potential buyers the actress was EVICTED from the property!

One of the prospective homeowners has taken the story to the tabs, telling sources:

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Prince William Rang In 2013 Trying To Save A Man’s Life

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Prince William Search and Rescue New Years Day

So how’d you spend your New Years Day?

Probably not as bravely as Prince William who had to leave his expectant wife, Kate Middleton, to try to save a man’s life.

Just another day as a prince.

Wills took part in a search and rescue mission from RAF Valley in Anglesey where he joined three other Sea King crew members to look for a man who was swept into the sea by strong winds.

The incident started when the man was walking a dog with his friend and the winds took control and pulled them both in.

The friend was lucky enough to be able to swim to shore and get the rescue mission going when he reported the other man missing.

Unfortunately, while Prince William and his Royal Air Force crew were looking for the man who was still missing, the winds became too strong for them and the search was temporarily suspended. But they haven't given up yet! The crew will resume their search today.

We wish our best to Prince William and his team in finding the man alive and well!

[Image via WENN.]

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Beekman Boys Holiday Tips: Naked Hot Chocolate!!

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beekman boys holiday tips naked hot chocolate

Holidays are simply not the time for sacrificing - especially when it comes down to the treats you grew up loving to share with your family. Unfortunately most of us don't have the same metabolisms we did when we were eight years old, and instead of looking for Santa, we wind up looking like Santa by Christmas Eve.

Here on the farm don't believe in artificial sweeteners or processed diet foods, so we've developed some healthy, natural ways to enjoy our favorite holiday noshing without resorting to poking new notches in our belts.

Naked hot chocolate just isn't fun. But whipped cream and marshmallows can easily double the calorie count of a steaming mug of cocoa. Instead, pull that milk frother you bought when you thought you were going to make cappucinos for yourself every morning. Using frothed milk instead of whipped cream seriously cuts into the calorie and fat count. And if you still feel the need something more festive, sprinkle a few red and green sprinkles on top.

The Beekman Boys are two NYC guys who bought a farm and are sharing their experiment in living better lives, season by season, neighbor by neighbor. Check out their website HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE! If U have any more questions about holiday recipes, U can always email us at Questions@FitPerez.com!!!

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Obama & Michelle Talk About Keeping It Hot And Sexy After All These Years!

Do you need some Presidential advice on keeping things fresh in the bedroom??

Don't fear! Barbara Walters is here to ask the super seksi questions that everyone else is afraid to ask! Seriously, who needs to know anything BUT the details of sex life of our Commander In Chief??

Obama responds on how he keeps the fire going:

"We've been married now twenty years, and like every marriage you have your ups and you have your downs, but if you work through the tough times the respect and love that you feel deepens."

So, like, role playing?


Get it done, Presidential couple!! Check out the full question and response in the video (above)!!

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Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy's Separation: Was Cheating To Blame?

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Jason Hoppy Bethenny Frankel Divorce Cause

Guess sometimes you really can't just have it all…

Over the years, we've watched the dramz — and their relationship — unfold on reality TV and now, we're finding out more about what lead to Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy's demise!

While Bethenny recently spoke up, citing "core issues" as the reason for their separation, it seems at least there was no evidence of foul play going on!

A friend of Frankel revealed:

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