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Tim Gunn Goes After Lindsay & Suri


This man has something to say about everybody and we LOVE it!

On Thursday night's Access Hollywood, Tim Gunn slammed Lindsay Lohan for that embarrassing collection she created at Ungaro.

The Project Runway mentor, said:

"Mr. Ungaro is dead and God knows he must have been rolling over in his grave, but I thought, this is one of the last couture houses left in this entire world. Lindsay Lohan is the creative director? How absurd is that!"


Tim also wasn't a fan of Lindsanity being a guest judge on the show, adding "It would be like asking, I don’t know, like, asking Suri Cruise to pilot a fighter jet."

Speaking of Suri, Gunn also had some choice words for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

He told Billy Bush, "Suri is, she’s her mother and father’s dress up doll and I feel in many ways she’s a fashion victim and it’s just very inappropriate."

Actually, the fashion victim is probably Katie. After all, she's the one letting Suri pick out her clothes.

[Image via WENN.]

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Giles Deacon Talks Ungaro


Designer Giles Deacon has set out to do the impossible: rebuild what Lindsay Lohan destroyed of Emmanuel Ungaro.

The newly appointed chief designer has big plans for the defunct label. He told Grazia:

"Ungaro is one of the last three Houses on the Avenue Montaigne and I felt I wanted to bring back this feeling of vivaciousness, of Frenchness, of really sexy clothing that’s got that Ungaro thing about it."

Giles also says he hopes to bring back "quality…which I think it had kind of lost - for lots of reasons that have gone on over the last five years that we’re all very aware of. And amused by in various cases."

No need to beat around the bush, Giles. We all know you're talking about those heart-shaped pasties!

The brave soul also has a sense of humor about that whole Lindsay Lohan debacle last year. When asked if there were any traces of Lindsanity, Deacon responded with "I didn’t find one, no! No hair extensions, no!"


The newly designed Ungaro collection will make its debut on October 4th during Paris Fashion Week.

We, along with the rest of the fashion world, can't wait to see what Giles created.

[Image via WENN.]

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Giles Deacon Will Design For Ungaro!


Somewhere Estrella Archs is snickering.

For some reason Giles Deacon took the bait and is officially in at Emanuel Ungaro.

Considering the label has practically hit rock bottom, there's no way Giles could ruin the label anymore than Lindsanity did.

A word of advice, don't do pasties!

[Image via WENN.]

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Another Designer Leaves Ungaro!


When it rains, it pours!

Less than a week after Estrella Archs' departure, Emanuel Ungaro's menswear designer Franck Boclet is following in her footsteps and leaving the defunct label as well!

Like Estrella, Boclet will soon be starting his own men's label with an Italian industrial partner, which will debut this June during men's fashion week.

He tells WWD "I wanted to focus on basic luxury items at an interesting price point", which will be 20% lower than other luxury competitors.

Sounds like he has the right idea.

What else will go wrong for Ungaro this week???

[Image via AP Images.]

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6126 Prez Defends Lindsanity's Crappy Job At Ungaro


We thinketh the lady doth protest too much!

President of Lindsay Lohan's 6126 clothing line, Kristi Kaylor is defending the train wreck's disastrous role at Emanuel Ungaro.

Kristi tells the Los Angeles Times: "Lindsay was frustrated she didn't get to be as involved as she wanted to be."

Ha! Did she not see what craptastic shiz came down that runway!?

The delusional president adds:

"They (media) are so hard on her. There's such another story. I work with her, and she comes to every meeting on time. She's very engaged. In two years, she's never let me down. She's never not returned an email or phone call… She has a heart of gold. She just needs people to believe in her."

Never say never, Kristi!

But lets be honest, what other emails would Lindsay have to respond to? Certainly not any that concern her acting or singing career!

[Image via WENN.]

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Was Lindsanity Actually Paid To Work At Ungaro?


Since the beginning of Lindsanity's reign of terror as creative director at Ungaro, the public was led to believe Lohan was paid solely in clothes!

Reports are now claiming Lindsay's contract with the label stated she would be paid $1.5 million a year for three years as long as she owned up to her "contractual obligations"!

Too bad!

But where did the first $1.5 mil go and why can't Linds pay her rent in a timely fashion????

Insiders also say La Loca caused $12,000 worth of damages to her room at the Bowery in NYC last September during a heated argument with saMAN!

Apparently Ungaro owner Asim Abdullah "had to go down the next morning with his credit card" and pay for Lohan's mess!

…How old is she again?

[Image via STEPH/WENN.]

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Ungaro's Still Looking For A Buyer


Even though Emanuel Ungaro owner Asim Abdullah denied the fashion label was for sale, it looks like he's still on the prowl for an investor to get him out of that $25 million debt!

It's being reported that Abdullah has offered Italian fashion mogul Matteo Marzotto a 75% stake in the company.

Marzotto, who used to be a chairman at Valentino, couldn't be reached for comment, but we're sure this is going to be a hard sale for anyone!

Abdullah seems to be desperate for money since he's being forced to clean up the mess that Lindsay Lohan left in her wake.

However, Lindsanity seems to be still be coming out on top despite not being with Ungaro anymore. According to her contract, Asim still has to pay her $1.5 million for three years.

We'd be finding a loophole if we were you, Abdullah!

[Image via AP Images.]

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