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Barbara Walters Asks Chris Christie Point Blank If He's Too Fat For The Presidency!

What in the world, Barbara Walters??

This is NOT the kind of question that solidified you as one of the best journalists in the world — and it's actually pretty offensive!

She straight up asks Chris Christie if he's too fat to be the President of the United States, as if that's a prerequisite to the job.

Not only that, but she asks him why he's overweight, which seems like a completely unnecessary question!!

His reaction is nothing but appropriate. Well handled, Chris!

Watch (above) to see it all happen — and on a side note, Chris Christie totally has the alliteration to be President. LOLz!

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Marijuana Piñatas Seized! Grab A Bat!


Can… can you imagine how much fun a piñata stuffed with weed would be if you were into drugs and stuff??

Like, they don't even have to be just bricks of marijuana. They could be edibles. You could potentially still fill the piñata with candy.


LOLz, we kid, we kid. It might seem like a stoner's dream, but it's a smuggler's nightmare right now. 425 pounds of weed have been seized during a border crossing!

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Damon Wayans Jr. Helps America Recycles Day!

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damon wayans jr america recycles day

How fab is this??

That picture (above) is of Damon Wayans Jr. celebrating American Recycles Day… but kicking a field goal through a 21-foot goal post constructed from 125,000 crushed Bud Light cans.

Amazing! We had no idea he could do that!

He did it in the Bud Light Recycling Zone, which is an interactive traveling display that has visited nine cities across the United States this year to encourage and inform NFL fans about the importance of recycling!

We think this is such a great initiative — and we'd love to see more of this kind of work from major companies and celebs alike!

[Image courtesy WireImage.]

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Joe Biden Is Coming To Parks And Recreation!

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On November 15th, Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope is finally getting her wish and will meet her "ideal man," Joe Biden!

The re-elected Vice President of the United States is making a cameo appearance (above) in next week's episode of the NBC comedy that will take place in Washington D.C.

While we think it would be pretty hard to book the VP of the nation, executive producer Michael Schur says it was "so much less difficult than we ever possibly imagined" and continued:

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President Obama's Inspiring Acceptance Speech!! WATCH In FULL HERE!!

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With the re-election of President Barack Obama, The United States is on the brink of real, tangible change; change toward equality, tolerance, and respect for each other as human beings regardless of income status, religious beliefs, gender, or sexual preference.

If you have yet to do so, we insist you take a gander at Obama's FULL acceptance speech from last night's Presidential election (above), even if you voted for Mitt Romney, or for the Green Party, or whomever.

We believe the most inspiring part of his speech, and the most important to our nation's future, is the President's emphasis on working TOGETHER to create a more efficient, productive, clean and equal country and not differentiating ourselves by our political definitions (republican, democrat, liberal conservative, etc.)

These definitions have warped and been diluted over time, and even hold variant meanings to different people.

The future is about respect people! Respect yourself, but more importantly, respect each other, or we will end up crumbling under the weight of our own ignorance.

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Spain Loves Love, Deems Gay Marriage Constitutional!!

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The Kingdom of Spain's Constitutional Court (the highest court) has decided to uphold the legality of gay marriage, rejecting an appeal that would BAN same sex couples joining together in holy matrimony!

Spain became the third country in the WORLD to legalize gay marriage in 2005, and it would have been too sad to see them take an ignorant step back.

Congrats Spain!!!

Now if only the United States would take note from our friends across the Atlantic and allow ALL people to officiate their love, regardless of gender!

[Image via WENN.]

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Vote 2012: Celebs For Prezident!


Happy election day lovely people!

Today, we hope every American citizen is voting for either Mitt Romney, Barack Obama or any other candidate they wish to be the next President of the United States…

But in Perez Fantasy Land, we want to know who YOU would choose for the esteemed position of POTUS if the following CELEBS ran for election!

Vote 2012! Which celeb would YOU pick to be the next President of the United States?!

View Results

Vote 2012! Which celeb would YOU pick to be the next President of the United States?!

  • Lindsay Lohan (4%)
  • George Clooney (33%)
  • Kathy Griffin (9%)
  • Donald Trump (7%)
  • Oprah (43%)
  • Charlie Sheen (4%)

Total Votes: 20,742

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[Image via WENN.]

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