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A Sneak Peak At Unkle K's New Short Film!

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We love it when Karl Lagerfeld gets all cinematic and artsy fartsy!

Over the weekend, a trailer was conveniently released for Unkle K's new short film Remember Now that coincides with the debut of Chanel's Cruise show in St. Tropez on Tuesday.

Our favorite part is at the :30 when Baptiste dances shirtless.


Ch-ch-check out the sexy fashion in the clip, above!

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Have A Drink With Unkle K!


Unkle Karl wants the world to buy a Coke. Because he's on the bottle!

French retailer Colette is hawking this $5 bottle of Coca Cola Light that features the Chanel icon's silhouette.

The high fashion bottle comes in a limited edition box that includes a bottle-opener hidden in a secret compartment.

Not bad for $5. And it's probably the cheapest thing you'll ever find that has Karl's name attached to it!

Would U buy a bottled up Unkle Karl???

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Karl Says Fur Is For Rich People


If you're not rich and own fur, you are making a big fashion faux pas in the shaded eye of Karl Lagerfeld.

Unkle K recently shared his thoughts about fur with Vice magazine, saying:

"If you cannot afford it, just forget about it. Don't use it as an investment piece to show people how rich you are. Use it like a cheap knitted thing. It's like a big stone. Lucky you that you can have a big stone, but if it troubles you financially to have the stone, don't have the stone. If you can afford it, OK. But if you think it's an investment, then forget about it."

Karl also explains his use of fake fur, adding "I don't like that people butcher animals, but I don't like them to butcher humans either, which is apparently very popular in the world."

Oh, Unkle K, you and your logic never ceases to amaze us.

[Image via WENN.]

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Hogan Gets An Unkle!


Maybe there was a connection between the helmets!

Karl Lagerfeld and Tod's owned Hogan brand are teaming up for a one-off collaboration for the Spring/Summer 2011 season.

We're sure whatever they come up with will be amazing!

[Image via Abaca USA.]

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Karl Lagerfeld May Announce His Successor Soon!!!


Could it really be happening?

According to Grazia Australia, there's about to be an announcement that will rock the fashion world in the next few days.

But what could it be?

They speculate that Unkle Karl could be announcing his successor at Chanel. The fashion world has been whispering for some time now that it will be Lanvin's Alber Elbaz.

Wait a minute!

Didn't Karl say back in November he had no plans of retiring soon since he believes the fashion house will still need him until he's 89!?

For now, we'll take this rumor as a grain of salt and wait for the so called mayjah announcement.

[Image via Pop/WENN & Abaca USA.]

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