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Merry Christmas Eve, Monsters! Another Unreleased GaGa Track Leaks!

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Lady GaGa announced recently that as a holiday gift to her fans, she would be releasing an previously unheard track from the Born This Way sessions, and a day early, we're getting another treat!

Give a listen to Take You Out, which was produced by Martin Kierszenbaum and recorded during The Fame sessions (below)!

Cute! And reminiscent of some of her earlier tracks, like Summerboy!

Happy Holidays to us, indeed!

Now where is that official gift, Mother Monster??

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New Madonna And Justin Timberlake!!! Listen HERE!

Yes! Ask and you shall receive!

We wanted more and more we got!!!

A new, previously unreleased track of Madonna's has just made it to the airwaves. It's special for two reasons: One, because we think it's a song leftover from Hard Candy (!!!) and two … it's another freakin' duet with Justin Timberlake.


Check out her Madjesty in the video (above)!

U like???

UPDATE: Video removed at the request of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)

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We've Got A Britmas Gift For Everyone! New Music From Spears!!!!!

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And hot damn, is it awesome or what?!

In honor of Britney Spears' 30th birthday, a previously unreleased track from the pop star has made its way onto the net, and it is definitely worth more than just a listen!

Check out Love 2 Love U, which samples Madonna's La Isla Bonita (above)!

We LOVE being able to hear our gurl's voice so raw!

She sounds INCREDIBLE!

Merry Britmas, everyone!

And happy happy to you again, B!

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A WHOLE BUNCH MORE New Brit Brit Leaks!

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We're not sure why all of these are coming out now, but good lord, we APPROVE!

Three more previously unreleased Britney Spears songs have found their way onto the net, and it sounds like a lot of these were the rock-influenced tracks she ultimately discarded from Femme Fatale once it took on a more dubstep edge!

Ch-ch-check out 911, Rock Star, and Dangerous (above)!


We like all of them, but our fave is Dangerous! Hands down!

MORE please, gurl! There are some gems in here!

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New Unreleased Britney!

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We understand why it didn't make the cut since it's kind of slow, but to be honest, WE REALLY LIKE IT! Dance tracks are her bread and butter now, but the girl can still pull off a slow jam. It reminds us of those sweet ballads from the early days.

It also sounds like someone mashed-up her song Everytime with Christina Aguilera's Beautiful. Right? You hear it too, right?

Have a listen to this previously unreleased track from Britney's Femme Fatale album (or possibly the Circus), Everyday. (above)


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Unreleased Ke$ha!

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Pretty standard fare for her, but it's still pretty catchy!

Check out this just-leaked demo from Ke$ha, called Dancefloor (above)!

We're not entirely sure if this is something from the new album, or if this was a track cut from Animal or Cannibal, but hey - it's a decent guilty pleasure!

Just needs a little more energy, and we'd be sold, gurl!

What do U think?? U feeling this Ke$ha track?

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More Unseen Brit Brit! Footage From Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour!

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The Brit Brit just keeps on leaking!

We were treated yesterday to a previously unseen version of the pop star's music video for Gimme More from back in 2007, and now, various backdrop clips from the Human Nature segment of her guest starring stint during Madonna's Sticky & Sweet tour have also found their way onto the internet!

Check it out (above)!

Ugh! We can't deal with how FIERCE she looks right here!

Hopefully she and Madge can plan to collaborate on something else sometime soon!

And fingers crossed that we'll get more unreleased footage from our gurl like this!

Keep it coming, guys!

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