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Human Vampire Gets Three Years Probation For Stabbing Man And Drinking His Blood

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vampire man gets three years probation

Back in October, we heard a VERY disturbing report about a young couple, Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson, who allowed homeless man Robert Maley to stay at their place, as long as he let them drink his blood.

When Maley stopped allowing them to feed on him, Homer stabbed him, and on Monday he was sentenced to three years probation for an aggravated assault charge.

Here's what Maley had to say about the bizarre couple:

"They think they are vampires."

As we said back in October, this is DEFINITELY one of the most disturbing things we've ever heard.

We're actually a little troubled that Homer only got three years probation. Both Aaron and Amanda need to be put into some sort of a facility. There is clearly something very wrong with them.

SO creepy and upsetting!

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Teenage Vacuum Kitten Killer Being Hunted

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vacuum kitten killer being hunted

This is truly disturbing.

Authorities are currently on the search for a very deranged teenager who filmed himself suffocating two kittens and posted it on Youtube.

The teenager placed the kittens into an airtight bag and sucked out the air with a vacuum cleaner.

Hundreds of Internet users who have seen the footage are trying to figure out the killer's identity as PETA investigates further.

Here's what a PETA spokesman had to say about the case:

"PETA U.S.’s Cruelty Investigations Department is actively following up possible leads to determine the identity and whereabouts of the man in the video.

Animal abusers are cowards who take their issues out on the most defenseless beings available to them. The pain and fear that these tiny kittens must have experienced is unimaginable.

Anyone capable of carrying out such a merciless and callous act should concern us all, as research into criminology and psychology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty to animals are likely to pose a danger to the entire community.

We strongly urge anyone with any information regarding this case to please contact PETA U.S.'s Cruelty Investigations Department."

So upsetting. We hope this sick individual is found and dealt with accordingly.

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Ashton Kutcher To Testify Over Ex's Murder

ashton kutcher to testify for ex girlfriends murder

So upsetting!

Ashton Kutcher will testify in a trial for Michael Gargiulo, a serial killer who's been accused of murdering Ashton's ex-girlfriend Ashley Ellerin, back in 2001.

Kutcher reportedly missed a romantic dinner date with Ashley that night, and when he returned to her home, he saw a pool of blood through the window, which he mistook for red wine.

He thought she spilled the wine out of anger, so he drove away from the house. He had no idea that she had been stabbed 35 times by neighborhood acquaintance Gargiulo, who's also on trial for the murder of two other women, and the attempted murder of yet another.

Keep your head up, Ashton! We're sure this is tough, but you're doing the right thing by testifying.

We hope this awful man is brought to justice!

[Image via WENN.]

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Twilight Producers' New Movie Will Disturb You

twilight producers to remake disturbing french horror film martyrs

For those of you who haven't seen Pascal Laugier's French horror film Martyrs, don't see it under any circumstances unless you're not partial to sleeping at night.

For those of you who HAVE seen the film, you know there's no way that the American remake will come close to it…but even despite that, it will still be very disturbing.

Twilight producers have teamed up with The Last Exorcism director Daniel Stamm to introduce this upsetting horror film to America.

The film tells the story of Lucie and Anna, two orphans who develop a strong bond with each other, until one of them seeks revenge on a family who may or may not have abused her as a child. We won't even tell you what happens from there, because it's too damn disturbing!

Here's what director Daniel Stamm had to say about the movie:

"Martyrs is very nihilistic. The American approach [that I'm looking at] would go through all that darkness but then give a glimmer of hope. You don't have to shoot yourself when it's over."

Stamm also dismissed rumors that Kristen Stewart would star in the remake.

Hmm…could have been inneresting to see K-Stew take on this role. Then again, her involvement might encourage kids to find a way to see this movie, and if it's anything like the original, they definitely should NOT.

Do U think U could handle the Martyrs remake? How about the highly disturbing original?

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Vampire Couple Stabbed Homeless Man And Drank His Blood!

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couple attacks homeless man and drinks his blood

A few weeks ago, we learned about a disturbing trend where high school students were sucking each other's blood for entertainment, but NOW vampire culture is resulting in violence! This is really upsetting.

Young couple Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson were arrested for attacking a homeless man and drinking his blood. As you could probably imagine, media sources are pointing their fingers at Twilight and True Blood.

The homeless man, Robert Maley, had been staying with the couple, until they stabbed him for refusing to let them continue to suck his blood. Maley admitted that he had let the couple drink his blood in the past, which we're guessing was out of sheer desperation.

In their initial report, Homer told police that his girlfriend had been attacked by an unidentified man. Homer later told police that he stabbed Maley after he made fun of his craziness religion.

The couple were charged with aggravated assault and filing a false police report.

So, a couple provided refuge to a homeless man in exchange for the right to drink his blood? This has got to one of the most disturbing things we've ever heard.

What do U think about this disturbing trend of people trying to act like vampires?

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