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Disgusting! French Actor Gerard Depardieu Peed In An Airplane Cabin!

gerard depardieu peed on an airplane

He may have starred in My Father The Hero, but NOBODY is going to call him a hero after hearing this!

Shortly after boarding a flight headed to Dublin from Paris, French actor Gerard Depardieu drunkenly peed in an airplane cabin! GROSS!!!

Here's what a CityJet airline spokeswoman had to say about it:

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Gross! Drunk Man Pees On Passengers Of A Jetstar Flight!

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And somehow, he managed to walk away scot-free!

On Monday, a Jetstar passenger got wasted on a flight from Auckland to Singapore and became such a mess, he couldn't even handle his own bladder! The New Zealand man was spotted prior to the flight drinking whiskey with some friends out of Burger King cups and he continue his guzzlefest once onboard.

About six hours into the eleven hour flight, the man got up from his seat to use the bathroom … but he never made it! Instead, he relieved himself in the aisle of the plane, leaking all over one man's leg and another woman's scarf! BLECK!

The airline staff quickly returned the drunky back to his seat and the captain came out to issue the man a warning. They insisted that the man sleep it off and when he came to, he had no idea that he had done anything wrong! He actually blacked out! So, the airlines just let it go, opting not to call the police and promising to compensate the affected passengers.

What a lucky break! If he was on any other airlines, we doubt he would've gotten off so easy! Surely the man with the pee stained pants who had to explain the mess to whoever was waiting for him in Singapore would've liked to have seen the guy get more than a slap on the wrist - and rightly so!

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MTV Reality Star Arrested, Smears The Walls Of His Cell With…

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mtv reality star arrested

WARNING! The following is VERY disgusting!

MTV reality star Abram Boise was arrested in Massachusetts after he was caught urinating in public, and THAT'S not even the disgusting part…

After being arrested, while sitting in his cell, Boise "defecated in his hands and smeared it on the cell."

It gets worse. Apparently, Boise also peed on the cell's floor, and then after being moved to a second cell, he once again defecated into his hand and smeared it over the wall AGAIN!

Boise's arraignment takes place today. It's difficult to have too much sympathy for him after hearing these horrid reports!

SO sickening…

[Image via Twitter.]

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Michael Madsen Is Out Of Control!

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After a nine-day booze binge in Britain, actor Michael Madsen was taken to a hospital and "held under the Common Law rules on mental health."

According to sources, Madsen was displaying out of control behavior at the Penventon Park Hotel in Cornwall, England where he was staying, including drinking two bottles of wine for breakfast and was later found unconscious at the entrance of the hotel.

A hospital worker says the "staff were shocked by the amount of booze he put away - it was like he was on a non-stop bender. He was mixing his drinks with pills, but no one knew what they were for. He angered some guests by urinating in the car park."


He's even considered "a high-risk patient" and on "suicide watch."

This is WAY beyond "exhaustion," which is what his rep said about his past behavior in 2008.

You need help, bb. We hope you can get better.

[Image via WENN.]

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