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Forget Transformers! How Many Millions Of Twitter Users Are Robots In Disguise?!

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twitter user robot automated millions

Forget Skynet! The machine led apocalypse may start in the world of Twitter! #HELPUSJOHNCONNOR

Okay, so perhaps we're overreacting, but we were shocked to find out that roughly 23 million Twitter user accounts are automated.

For those tech laypeople out there, automated means they're not human (CUE: Terminator soundtrack)!

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Kate Gosselin Wanted To Become Famous Through Her Kids! You HAVE To See What This Tell-All Book Claims!

kate gosselin wants to become famous through her kids say it aint so

No wonder she originally didn't want this book to come out!

Kate Gosselin's life as a reality star is just starting to pick up again, and there are already people stepping up to the plate to take more shots at her!

Tell all book author Robert Hoffman has released his book called Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World, The Rise and Fall of a Reality TV Queen, and it's got some crazy "inside" information in there!

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Michael Jackson's Ex-Wife Will Testify That The King Of Pop Was A Secret Drug Abuser For Decades!

debbie rowe

Michael Jackson's wrongful death trial has brought to light aspects of the darker side of MJ's life, but this is the biggest revelation of them all.

Apparently, the King of Pop's ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, will allegedly testify that the Thriller-singer secretly got thrills from drugs.

According to sources, Debbie will be called to the stand by AEG Live on either Tuesday or Wednesday to testify that MJ was taking a lot of prescription pills, but that she had no knowledge of the extent of his abuse.

Debbie will apparently blame

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Facebook Tries Out $1 Messaging Fee????

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Facebook User Message Fees

Facebook is looking to make some changes.

After its IPO lost millions, it looks like the social network is looking for a different revenue stream — you!

Facebook is trying out a new system in a small market that will allow users to message people they aren't friends with for a nominal fee. Insiders say they're starting at one dollar and going from there.

Previously, you could choose privacy settings that kept you completely unavailable to unwanted strangers, but not anymore.

Facebook believes the fee will keep your inbox from filling up with spam. They're saving that for the ad space on the right, and there's also a limit on how many messages an individual user can receive.

Only time will tell if the practice will go global. If so, get ready to see some messages you weren't expecting and shell out some shekels to expand your circle of friends.

"Poking" users you don't know is still illegal in 49 states. Watch your backs, Idahoans! LOLz!

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[Image via Facebook.]

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Tom Hardy Looks Like He's Been Prepping For The Dark Knight Rises!


Oh, thank goodness! They're not messing with that perfect effing face of his!

Check out the first shot of Tom Hardy on the set of The Dark Knight Rises, all bulked up and buzzed for his role in the flick as the villainous Bane (above), taken by a Twitter user who happened to be on the film's set!

The photo was captioned:

"Me and Tom Hardy (Bane) on set on the new Batman film!"

Phew! We know he's not in costume or make-up, but we're already relieved about how the character is going to look!

The further away from the bull shiz that was Batman & Robin, the better we say!

That being said - we didn't even realize production had begun! We're so psyched to start seeing how this one is going to look!


Oops! The Twitter user who posted the aforementioned photo just wrote:

Ok people Big Big Miss understanding! The picture of me and Tom hardy was not on the set of batman! Some corporate event!

Dang! We thought it was a little early for production to be beginning!

Or maybe the studio just asked him to take the pic down?

But from the size of those effing muscles, we imagine he has already start prepping for the role!


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