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Gotta Hide Your Gun Somewhere? Why Not Try Your Vagina Like This 19 Year-Old Girl From Tennessee Did!

girl hides loaded gun in her vagina

Are vaginas the new gun holsters or something?!?! What is happening?!?

This is the SECOND time in six months that someone has hidden a loaded gun in their vajayjay!!

19-year-old Dallas Archer was arrested in Tennessee for driving with a suspended license, but when she was brought to the jail for booking, the cops found the gun hidden in the hidey-hole that is her vagina!

The officers found

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Brandi Glanville’s Ex-Hubby Pissed He Paid For Her New Vajajay & Got None Of The Benefits

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brandi glanville surgery eddie upset

We’re not so sure LeAnn Rimes would have been okay with him getting anything from his ex-wife.

And Brandi Glanville certainly wasn’t interested in giving him anything.

So Eddie Cibrian just had to live with being pissed off that Brandi so kindly used his credit card to pay for a very specialized vaginal rejuvenation surgery after she discovered his cheatin’ ways.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star graciously revealed how he dealt with the $12,000 news in her new book, Drinking & Tweeting, which if you hadn't noticed, is dropping in bits and pieces like a little fall of gossipy rain!

Anyway, Brandi blabs

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Brandi Glanville: How Seeing LeAnn Rimes Hit On Her Hubby Led To A New Vajayjay

Brandi Glanville Surgery Affair


Whoa, the queen of oversharing has topped herself this time!

Brandi Glanville left nothing out of her new book, Drinking & Tweeting.

So just in case you needed to know a little more about her personal life - yes, we’re talking the dramz with LeAnn Rimes - it’s here for you!

Brandi revealed the dirty deets about catching on to the affair when she caught the two in what they thought was a sexXxy private moment. The book passage reads:

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Amanda Seyfried Supports Anne Hathaway After Scandalously Exposing Vajayjay

Anne Hathaway vagina slip amanda seyfried explains

This unsolved mystery has been plaguing experts for decades three days.

Finally, actress and known genius, Amanda Seyfried, has come forward to shed some light on the one question on everyone's mind: why the f*ck wasn't Anne Hathaway wearing undies at the Les Misérables premiere?

According to Anne's Les Mis the co-star the answer is… it was hot out.

When questioned about Hathaway's little lip slip, Seyfried told reporters:

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Holy Shiz! This Woman Has Two Fully Formed Vaginas!

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Hazel Jones

If this isn't a superpower, we don't know what is. LOLz!

British woman Hazel Jones couldn't contain her secret identity anymore and revealed on television earlier this week that she has not one, but TWO vajayjays!

This isn't like your friend who claims he has a third nipple because there is a large bump on the outskirts of his areola either. We're talking two, fully formed vaginas.

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Kourtney Reveals TMI About Her Vajayjay

Um, thanks for the info, Kourtney, but we could have gone without knowing that 1) Sex feels like a metal pole ramming your vajayjay 2) That you're too scared to buy lube.

And also, you two talking about all of this while sucking on penis-sized popsicles. You’re trying just a tad bit too hard to be provocative here.

That being said, we hope your vajayjay feels better soon, KK.

Just don’t tell us about it next time!

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Introducing: Vatooing!

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There's a new way to decorate your va-jay-jay that doesn't leave you wondering if that rhinestone on the floor is from your lady bits, and it's called Vatooing.

Vatooing is basically a spray on tattoo that lets you decorate your mound with all sorts of shapes and colors.

Check out the latest va-jay-jay trend in the clip above!

P.S. LOL at the girl who got a spider web because "no one's been down there for a while". HA!

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