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Q&A: My Dog Is A Rebel

Filed under: Q&ATrainingDogDr. Patrick Mahaney


Many of us have some problem areas when it comes to our dogs' training — but this woman has got it bad.

TeddyHilton.com reader, Petra, wrote to Dr. Patrick Mahaney and said:

My dog is probably the worst ever!!!!!!! She never goes on any walks. If she HAS to come I have to pull her out the front door. When my son forgets to clean the table she pushes the chair out and eats every last bit of food. She also bites my hand off if i have treats in it by jumping up and grabbing my hand. The last problem is she barks at everything! The worst part is 85 precent of the time she barks at NOTHING!! Please tell me what to do with my dog, Leila.

P.S. Help soon she is influencing my dog Loki who is beginning to pick up her bad habits.

Best Wishes,

Good thing we have Dr. Patrick to respond:

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Q&A: How To Get My Anxious Dog To The Vet

Filed under: Q&APetsDogDr. Patrick Mahaney


Looks like a case of SEVERE white coat syndrome!

The veterinarian can be a dog's friend or a dog's enemy in their mind.

And this Teddyhilton.com reader's pooch DOES NOT LIKE THE VET!

She writes:

I am a huge fan of yours! and I love your tips!

I had a question regarding my dog, she is 12, turning 13 this year. And I am constantly worried about her health and I try giving her as much exercise as I can but it is time for her vet check up and ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO TAKE HER.

My dog has extreme anxiety ever since she was a puppy and she even gets seizures when she gets so anxious. We got her tested to see if she had epilepsy or a tumor and everything came up clear. So when it comes to take her to the vet she goes insane and even bit the vet, and the vet hates us because he cant cut her nails and do the proper procedures needed.

How can I take her to the vet without having to medicate her and her anxiety levels to go up and cause a seizure?

As always, Dr. Patrick is here to save the day for this pups anxiety!

He writes:

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Rebecca Black's Mom's Home Euthanasia Commercial

Filed under: Icky Icky PooYouTubeHealthPetsIcky Icky Dog Poo

Home euthanasia? We're not so sure about this idea.

Rebecca Black's mama Georgina Sparks Kelly has decided to get unconventional with the marketing of her veterinary skillz.

And by unconventional….we mean verging on the brink of lunacy.

Her product?

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Cesar Milan On When To Take Your Dog To The Vet ASAP!

Filed under: HealthCesar MillanDog


Our dogs are very important and when something is up, we need to act fast to make sure they can lead happy and HEALTHY lives.

Cesar Milan has come up with some scenarios where an veterinary emergency might be needed. If you see any of these problems with your doggie, then he or she needs help FAST!

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Keep Your Pet Healthy And Safe This Spring

Filed under: HealthPetsDogCatTips


It's finally spring! (Though it doesn't feel like it most of the time.)

Your furry friend must be so happy to be able to get out of the house more often!

But wait, U do know about all the potential dangers for your pet?

Well here are a few great tips from Lori Thomas Dickert at AllPetNews.com:

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Hilary Duff Is Worried About Her Dog's Surgery

Filed under: Hilary DuffTwitterHealthChihuahuaDog


Hilary Duff's chihuahua Lola has been sick for a few months now.

So the mama to be took her first baby to the vet to undergo an operation that will hopefully make everything all better.

She tweeted:

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Ask A Vet With Dr. Jennifer Scarlett On Vet-Visit Etiquette

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Dr. Jennifer Scarlett has done another 'Ask a Vet from the SF SPCA'.

For those of us lucky enough to have to rarely visit the vet, going can be just as confusing and scary for us as it is for our pets.

So Dr. Jennifer Scarlett helps us work on our "vetiquette." LOLz!

"Vet-Visit Etiquette - What are some etiquette guidelines for vet-visits? Do you have any patient-pet-peeves?"

Dr. Jennifer Scarlett responded:

1. Look, it’s nerve racking for you guardians at the vet. You’re worried about your pet’s health. You’re worried about whether your cat will karate chop the nurse again. You’re worried about how much this episode of vomiting or diarrhea is going to cost. And your response to all that worry may be petting your dog or cat like you’re striking a match! Our pets are excellent at reading our emotions and our touch is a great barometer of our psych. Be sure to check yourself on the heavy petting.

2. Make a list of complaints or questions you want to cover during the visit. Calling the doc back out in the lobby for one more "quick question" about your dog’s weird limp that only happens when the moon is waning is tough.

3. Cellphones—Imagine walking into an exam room and the client is on the phone. And stays on the phone! Then they head nod or point to the dog or cat like "there he is, examine away." Please put the phone down and engage!

4. Unruly children in the examination room. Ok, I like kids—really—but I don’t want to participate in the negotiations with your child on whether they can scream or jump around in the exam room. A colleague of mine used to rhetorically ask "how often do you take your pet to the pediatrician" Ok, I know it can be difficult to take care of both children and pets so if your child is about to have a meltdown let your vet take the animal to the treatment room where they can work in peace.

Enough of the peeves—here’s what I love:

1. I love when guardians mimic various clinical signs—especially the interpretation of a cat bringing up a hair ball and the reverse sneeze of a dog (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdPUX8mnFE4). I’ve seen serious looking folks in fine suits get down on all fours to imitate the reverse sneeze. (which is scary when you first experience it)

2. I love when guardians keep a log of the problem and bring in the label of whatever offending product their dog or cat ate. It helps us so much if you can provide times and context to the problem. Thank you.

3. I love when clients show up on time for their appointment. (as much as you love when we vets stay on time!)

4. I love that guardians care enough to take time out of their busy days to bring their pets into us—that they trust us with their companions. And really, that makes it all worth while.

Jennifer Scarlett, DVM
The San Francisco SPCA

So follow these easy tips to make going to the vet as painless as possible for you, your vet and your pet.

[Image via WENN.]

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