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Dennis Hopper's Estranged Widow Sues His Family And Trust For $$$$

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This is sad.

Dennis Hopper's estranged widow, Victoria Hopper, has filed a lawsuit against his daughter from a previous marriage, Marin, and the Dennis Hopper Trust.

She alleges that the Dennis Hopper Trust was ordered to pay her and her lawyers $150,000 in legal fees in the bitter divorce battle they were fighting at the time of Dennis' death in May 2010.

She claims that she has not received a single payment from his trust. And on top of that, she says that a child support check in the amount of $12,000 that was sent to her for their daughter Galen, bounced.


The court documents reveal that she requests $1 million from the Trust to "ensure that the funds will be available" until Galen reaches the age of 19.

She's also seeking "damages" of $50,000 a year in lost income, in which she says, "because decedent blocked Plaintiff from obtaining employment, and he never provided or allowed Plaintiff to develop any economic opportunity herself, Plaintiff was unable to seek employment, and Decedent breached his obligation to put her into a business."

She may have a valid claim on the child support, but the "lost income" allegations sound like bullshiz to us.


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Dennis Hopper's Estate Rejects Ex-Wife's Claim$

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Dennis Hopper was battling with his ex-wife Victoria in the last stages of his life - and they still exist in his death!

The actor's estate denied Victoria's $45 million claim, but the battle isn't over. She can submit further claims for any property she owns as long as she has proper documentation.

The estate will make sure that their child, Galen, is taken care of.

Victoria's $45,233,653.00 claim may have been rejected, yet they did check the box allowing her claim for $0.00.


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Dennis Hopper's Ex-Wife Wants Him To Pay Her $45 Million

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Yes, we know he's passed, but the woman has a list of funds she believes she is owed, so she's going after his estate to get them, regardless.

Victoria Hopper, ex-wife to the late actor Dennis Hopper, has filed a $45 million creditor's claim against his estate. Between lawyer's fees, child support and a supposed cut of property, that is the number she figures she is owed by Dennis.

In her suit, she also claims to have suffered "a loss of income" and defamation whilst being married and going through a divorce with Dennis, so she wants a couple million for that too.

Someone people don't know when to quit!

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Dennis Hopper's Wife Won't Leave!

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Always make sure to finalize your divorce before your death!

That’s the lesson that we learn from Dennis Hopper’s post-mortem issues with his not-quite-ex-wife Victoria Hopper. Dennis tried to divorce her before he passed away, but he didn’t succeed, and now she’s making life difficult for the Hopper estate.

Dennis’ estate is trying to sell his $6 million Venice compound in an effort to pay off his debts, but Victoria refuses to leave, even after being offered another home in Brentwood.

Come on Dennis! All you’d need to do is return to your compound and haunt Victoria in the form of your character Frank Booth from Blue Velvet, and you know she’d run the hell out of there.

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Dennis Hopper's Daughter Could Get Shafted!

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Poor Galen!

Lawyers for Dennis Hopper's estate have been trying to come to some sort of agreement with his estranged wife's lawyers, but they're having trouble.

The people in control of the estate want to kick Victoria off the property — along with their seven-year-old daughter Galen!

Victoria is refusing to go and she believes she's entitled to 25 percent of the estate while they think she should get nothing. As for Galen, Dennis tried to cut down her share from 40 percent to 25 percent, but it's possible that amendment didn't go through.

Changes to estate plans are not allowed when a divorce is pending.

Why was he cutting down his daughter's share? She's an innocent party in this hot mess!

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Dennis Hopper Didn’t Divorce His Wife! Cruel Golddigger Looking For His $$$!

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Crap! The poor man! He suffers even in the afterlife!

Though Dennis Hopper tried desperately to divorce his wife before his death, he was unsuccessful. Now, she is looking to run off with all he left behind!

Their prenup grants Victoria Hopper not only 25% of his estate, but $250,000 from his life insurance. Victoria is prepared to argue that even though they were living in separate houses, they were still “living together” on the same property.

She has a case…but so does Dennis Hopper's high-powered attorney, Joe Mannis! He’s prepared to go to war with Victoria and make sure she doesn’t touch a penny of his client’s riches.

This should get UGLY!!!

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Dennis Hopper's Wife Tried To Kill Him???

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We're absolutely disgusted. Not surprised, but still disgusted.

As the insane divorce war rages on between a frail, terminally ill Dennis Hopper and his evil, gold-digging wife Victoria-the-Whoria, the actor's assistant, Emily Davis, has come forward with a new, horrifying allegations against the she-demon.

Davis claims that once Hopper was hospialized in December, the entire family was "at the mercy of [wife Victoria's] cruelty" and that she "was trying to kill him."


She goes on to say that Vicky "is a threat to all in the home and has already looted millions of [dollars in] property that is not hers."

Of course, the psychopath immediately denied the claims and states:

"Emily Davis' claims are outrageous, horrifying, and not based on facts or reality."

Okay. So you're going to attest that this is all BS when an entire family and network of people are calling you a terrifying bitch and yet you still insist on going through a nasty court battle with a dying man??

Way to really defend yourself.

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