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10,000 Cattle Die In Vietnam!

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Mass cattle die in Vietnam

Earlier this week we reported news of 200 cows dying in Wisconsin, but now in other weird, disturbing dead animal news 10,000 cattle have died nationwide in Vietnam!

Vietnam government is saying the deaths are due to an intense winter and harsh weather conditions.

Our question is, if the weather is so harsh how come only cattle died? Why not other animals?

Lately, we've had a lot more questions than answers about all these animals dying and we hope we'll get some answers soon from our own government!


[Image via AP Images.]

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Conservationists Are Outraged At Sale Of Tiger Paste In Vietnam

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A conservation group in Vietnam is not happy at all after they found out that 6 pounds of tiger paste, that was confiscated from traffickers is being auctioned off.

Vietnam has banned the hunting or trafficking of tigers, since they are in jeopardy of extinction, however they still do allow its use in making traditional medicines.

The director of the conservation group said that a loophole was found in order to allow the sale of this paste. She explained, "We had recommended that the paste be destroyed to send a clear message to the public that the authorities do not encourage the consumption of wild animals' products."

We totally agree. The tigers need to be protected at all costs.

When will people realize that these tigers will become extinct if we don't help them??

[Image via WENN.]

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