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Good Riddance, Prostitution Whore!

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Of course she's not going to get a spin-off! She's a legitimate psychopath and a liability to Bravo!

Ever since it was announced the Prostitution Whore Coke Fucking Whore Jafar from Aladdin's long lost twin Danielle Staub would not be returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey for its third season, she's been ranting about her potential spin-off, and even hinting that she may join the cast of The Real Housewives of New York!

We assumed that it was all about as delusional as her constant claims that her former castmates are attempting to murder her wherever she goes, but now we've had it CONFIRMED.

Sources close to Bravo are reporting that producers of the show are so fed up with Staub's out of control antics that not only did they fire her right before they filmed the Reunion episode - just to ensure she'd be at her most batshit finest - but that nobody at the network wants anything to do with her in any capacity! And apparently, the castmembers of New York have threatened to walk if they try and put her on!

Bwa ha ha!

And even if Bravo fell on its head and stopped thinking rationally long enough to even consider keeping her around, Staub's ex-husband Tom has reportedly filed for primary custody of their daughter, the little cutie pie Jillian (that poor child), which has effed up the proper work permits - that would allow her to be filmed - from being filed!

So if you hear good ole' Prostitution Whore ranting about all of her various opportunities or 'spin-offs,' it's BULLSHIZ!


Good riddance, Prostitution Whore! And take your busted horcruxes weave with you!

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MELtdown Rant: Voicemail Edition!

We guess he can't use the nicotine excuse anymore!

The hurricane of hate and douchery that is Mel Gibson got one last breath of air this morning, when yet another audio clip of the psychotic actor leaked onto the net!

In this voicemail, MELtdown just spews some more crazy at Oksana Grigorieva and again, blames her for his instability and abuse, takes some shots at her ex Timothy Dalton and says he regrets having a child with her!

Oh, and the phrase "glum cunt" is thrown into the mix, too! How colorful!

Listen to all of that vile garbage above!

Hopefully this will be the last of them, because frankly, we've heard enough of his bullshit hate to last us a lifetime, thank you very much!


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Michael Lohan's Fiancee Claims He Attacked Her, Kicked Her In The Face!


Oh, if this doesn't just prove what a reformed, stand up guy Michael Lohan has become, then we don't know what will!

Obviously, the douchebag was jealous of all of press Mel Gibson was getting, so during an argument with his fiancee, Kate Major, regarding their mutual famewhoring upcoming reality show on Monday, he allegedly shoved her into a chair and then kicked her in the face while she was down!

He then flew off to Los Angeles to cry to the press about his daughter's prison sentence, while Major filed a report with the Southampton Town Police. The hospital reportedly has pictures of the injuries she sustained.

Guess the wedding's off!

It's pretty sad that we can't even figure out which of these two is more prone to lying, but we wouldn't put anything past that vile piece of trash (we mean Michael)!

What do U think?? Is Kate telling the truth or is she just seeking publicity?

[Image via WENN.]

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Did Jesse James Hire A Private Investigator To Set Up His Ex-Wife?


We've all seen what a scummy, lying piece of shit this man is, so we wouldn't put it past him! But she's an effing psycho - so honestly, who knows?

Jesse James is currently in the middle of a nasty custody battle with the nurse on the cover of that Blink182 CD his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder, who is now claiming that he hired a private investigator in 2006 to get her jailed for tax evasion!

According to Lindemulder's lawyer, James hired investigator Brad Martin to spy on his client, and pass along information to an IRS agent named Todd Anderson, who was instrumental in uncovering the charges that they eventually brought against her.

Jesse admitted that he DID in fact hire a private investigator, but he maintains that it was only so he could find out where his ex-wife had taken their daughter, Sunny!

The judge, however, found all of this information irrelevant to the case, as Lindemulder pled guilty to those charges when it was all going down and had no business in their current case!

These two are so unbelievable. We hope the judge listens to all of their bullshit and does what's best for Sunny by giving NEITHER of them full custody of her.

Isn't there any way they can just send her back to Sandra?!

That poor, poor little girl. Our heart really breaks for her.

[Image via WENN.]

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Mel Gibson's FIFTH Rant Leaked!

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Another day, another Mel Gibson meltdown of truly unbelievable proportions.

In the most recently leaked phone conversation, the psycho does nothing but spit pure contempt and venom at Oksana Grigorieva, and calls her a gold digger, amongst some other choice expletives that we'll let you hear yourself (below)!

The kind of hate that this man exudes is beyond anything we've ever heard before! And in all seriousness, how the hell did he never pass out from screaming like that? He really is a monster!

Truly pathetic, sad, and above all just disturbing.

He will NEVER be able to come back from this. Nor should he.

Listen below!

[Image via WENN.]

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FOURTH Mel Gibson Rant Leaked! Threatens To Burn The House Down After He Gets A Blowjob!


How many more of these fucked up conversations are there?

The fourth audio tape of Mel Gibson's hate-filled, misogynist rants has found its way onto the net, and this one is probably the most out of control, terrifying yet!

Basically, from what we can gather, this psychotic freak is losing his mind because he didn't get a blowjob, and because of this, feels the need to horrifically berate Oksana Grigorieva and threaten to burn the house down.

So much hate, so much abuse. It's truly sickening to listen to him blame her for everything he's upset about, as though he's being completely rational and NOT an out of control, vile piece of filth.

Listen (below) at your own risk. This is not easy stuff to sit with.


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Dentist To Give Statement Regarding Domestic Abuse, Provide Evidence Gibson Beat Babymomma!


That dentist is going to fuck you, douchebag!

MELtdown Gibson can apparently stop trying to think of excuses, because the domestic abuse investigation against him is going to blow up when Oksana Grigorieva's DENTIST, Dr. Ross Shelden, gives his statement!

Sources claim that the day after Mel allegedly knocked out Oksana's teeth on January 6th, 2010, she went to the the dentist to get them repaired. Dr. Shelden took photos of her mouth, which clearly show that despite what Mel's camp have claimed, he did not knock out veneers, but an actual tooth! Another one was reportedly chipped.

Oksana swore the doctor to secrecy, which is why he has yet to come forward with the information, but now that this entire mess has blown up, he is set to be interviewed and hand over all of his evidence to the authorities!

Well it's about time!

We wonder how this hateful psycho is going to try and talk his way out of this one!


[Image via WENN.]

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