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Awful Johnny Farah Accessories Ad Shows Woman Being Choked With A Leather Belt!

Johnny Farah ad features a tasteless depiction of a woman being choked with a belt!

Look, we're not Don Draper or anything, but surely there's a way to portray a product in a sellable way without resorting to choking a woman.

Perhaps the peeps who brainstormed this Johnny Farah ad really couldn't think of any other option, and decided a male model choking a female model with a leather belt, while her head is covered with a handbag was a money-making combination.

The male model also has a thick brown belt wrapped around his face, evoking memories of Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

That's exactly the sort of image you'd want your products to conjure up, right!?

After receiving some emails condemning the ad, Johnny Farah issued this statement:

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Tyler The Creator's Ad Campaign For Mountain Dew Is Stirring Up Some Serious Controversy!

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At this point, Tyler the Creator's name has essentially become synonymous with controversy.

The foul-mouthed rapper and his buddies from Odd Future have teamed up to put together an ad campaign for Mountain Dew, and the commercials are already being deemed both racist and sexist.

For some reason, we're not surprised considering both of those subjects seem to be common themes in his music.

The ads come in three parts, the first of which shows a goat beating on a female waitress after a Mountain Dew-enduced frenzy. But the clip that's drawing all of the criticism is the bizarre conclusion which shows the bruised and battered woman attempting to pick the culprit out of a police line-up.

The other suspects (who are played by Odd Future members) are all black, and while the attacker is an animal, he spits

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