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Stressed Show Horses May Spread Herpes

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stressed Show Horses May Spread Herpes

Be careful Camilla!

According to animal health experts equine herpes (a highly contagious infection among horses that can be fatal) may spread when stressed out show horses come together for competitions.

That appears to have helped fuel the current equine herpes outbreak, which has killed at least 12 horses and sickened 72 others in 10 states so far. These states include Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

Philip Johnson, a professor of equine internal medicine at the University of Missouri's College of Veterinary Medicine stated:

"Most adult horses are infected with the virus."

GROSS! The prof went on to say:

"Like most herpes viruses — human and animal — infection leads to a life-long association between the virus and the host. In most healthy horses most of the time, the host's immune system prevents the virus from going active and being especially contagious."

Still gross.

[Image via WENN.]

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Dead Birds In Arkansas Solved!

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Red-winged blackbird

At least, that's what Arkansas authorities are claiming.

While the thousands of dead fish that washed up along the Arkansas River's shore can't be solved, state wildlife officials announced Wednesday that they have a "theory" of what caused about 5,000 red-winged blackbirds to fall out of the sky.

They dissected, autopsied, hypothesized, theorized, and tested the fallen birds to rule out bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals as causes of death only to come up with the most scientific answer they've been theorizing all along.

The big bang theory, or rather, loud noise theory.

Scientists determined it's likely that unusually loud noises reported before the birds began falling frightened them so much that they flew off in the dark and since birds can't see that well in the dark, the birds smacked, cracked, and crashed into buildings!

We guess it's POSSIBLE considering radar images show flights of blackbirds on two occasions on New Year's Eve suddenly taking off from a roost at Beebe estimated to contain 1.6 million birds.

5,000 out of 1.6 million is a plausible number of birds that may have gotten stuck flying low and hit a few tree branches or buildings in the dark.

A report from the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study said:

"In most instances, such traumatic injuries in wild birds are due to flying into stationary objects such as trees, houses, windows, power lines, towers, etc."

Or maybe they flew into the giant hand of God!

Officials admit they are stumped over the fish though, but at least know what DID NOT kill them, saying:

"We can say conclusively that the drum were not killed from a bacterial or viral infection, or from parasites."

The test results have at least revealed there isn't something in the water and it is still safe for humans.

Game and Fish Commission assistant fisheries chief Chris Racey said:

"Unfortunately, we probably will never know exactly what killed these fish, but the testing has eliminated the largest public concerns of disease, parasites and toxins. We have no reason to think fish caught in the Arkansas River are unsafe to eat."

Based on these theories, we don't consider this mystery solved by any means, but at least we find comfort that there isn't some kind of crazy disease going around that could affect us.

What about U?

Are U satisfied with the Arkansas wildlife official's explanation?

[Image via AP Images.]

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200 Cows Drop Dead In Wisconsin!

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We don't mean to sound like conspiracy theorists, but first it was the birds, then it was fish, and now 200 cows just dropped dead in Portage County, Wisconsin.

Fortunately in this case, authorities seem to know exactly what killed these poor cows.

The Portage Country sheriffs department says the cattle died due to a virus that causes respiratory and reproductive problems. Investigators believe there is no threat to other animals or people in the area.

Obviously, just like every other mass animal death report we've heard in the last month, this case is not related to any of the other animal deaths occurring around the globe.

That's a relief, but we still can't help but think…what if they are?

Only time will tell and when if the world explodes, we can say, "We may not have told you so, but had a sneaking suspicion!"

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Pigeons Fall Dead In Canada

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Pigeons fall dead on Canadian farm

What's happening?

Something is happening!

But this time…M. Night Shyamalan isn't behind it.

More birds have fallen on our northern neighbors land!

A farmer in Quebec has found 80 dead birds on his land and apparently more are falling.

Sylvain Turmel first noticed the dead birds in his field on Dec. 18 and said:

"I found two dead birds in the morning, which is normal, birds sometimes die, but when I came back one hour later, another 25 had fallen. In the time it took me to pick them up, five more fell to the ground!"

Dead birds littered this holiday season in Arkansas, Louisiana and Sweden, but officials have yet to give a solid explanation as to WHY they died leaving everyone on edge.

Canada isn't any closer to solving the mystery either as wildlife officials with Quebec's Ministry of Natural Resources collected the birds for analysis, but are also stumped.

Turmel hasn't gotten very many details as he says:

"All they can tell me is that it's not avian influenza, it's not the West Nile virus, and it's not poison," which is what officials suspected at first. It won't stop. I'm finding more [dead] birds every day."

David Bird, a wildlife biologist at McGill University in Montreal, said he's been receiving plenty of phone calls about the birds, but is not alarmed.

According to the expert, this type of phenomenon is more common than people realize. He says:

"First of all, it's not a biblical curse. It's not a death ray from an alien space ship. There are many cases where birds get hit by hailstorms or get lost in the fog and they die of starvation and they just fall dead out of the sky."

Bird thinks each incident has its own unique cause and there is no need for people to panic, as he continues:

"I think this is a case where it's just coincidental … and people are trying to link them together."

Maybe this does happen all the time, but how come it has never been covered so much by the media or received this much attention?

What do U think?

[Image via AP Images.]

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Scientists May Have Discovered Reason Behind Bee Disappearance

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Honey bees disappear

For the last year, scientists have been scrambling to figure out what was the cause in the disappearance of honey bees. Hives would just be empty, bees would be found dead, with no particular clue of what was causing the breakdown.

You'd assume this wouldn't be that big a deal - oh no, our honey production is going to drop! It probably wouldn't concern many, but the truth is, the lack of bees leads to less pollination, resulting in a $15 billion dollar loss in US agriculture!

Who would of thought out little black and yellow friends could provide so much!?

Recently, scientists seem to have found the answer to what was causing the disappearance - a virus and fungus!

The scientists are not yet sure the relationship between the two, but are hypothesizing that when combined, the bees cannot obtain enough nutrition, leaving them susceptible to illness and death.

Right now, military scientists are working around the clock with entomologists to find a solution to this problem.

They better hurry fast! We love honey and produce and without our bees, we're not going to get either!

[Image via AP Images.]

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