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Aaron Hernandez Is STILL Being Separated From Other Prisoners!

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aaron hernandez official decide its in his best interest to keep him away from other prisoners

It doesn't look like Aaron Hernandez will be meeting any of his fellow inmates any time soon!

Shortly after being incarcerated, officials decided to keep the former footballer separated from other prisoners since they were worried they might try to harm him. However, they said the decision was only temporary and they would eventually reconsider whether or not to feed him to the lions!

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Lindsay Lohan Has 'Finally Adjusted' To The Betty Ford Center!

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tumblr mmnqzjoqrk1ql5yr7o1 250

Guess she’s not in such bad shape after all?!

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly finally come round to her 90-day rehab stint at the Betty Ford Center. A source revealed:

"She is doing well. She seems like she's finally adjusted.”

This is quite the shift in attitude given that just yesterday we were told LiLo was kicking and screaming for Adderall and pleading to transfer treatment facilities.

Though it's said that the actress hasn't had many visitors — not even Dina and Michael Lohan — someone must have talked some sense into her.

The source explains that Lindsay has been following

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Visitors Throw Snowballs At Defenseless Lions At Chinese Zoo

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Sad…why would they allow such a thing???

Patrons at the Hangzhou Zoo in China were caught throwing snowballs at the lions….

Caught by cameras…but somehow no zoo staff saw this animal abuse being done.

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La Lohan Is Allowed Visitors During House Arrest, NOT Undergoing Blood Or Alcohol Testing!

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Good lord, is she one lucky bitch.

As we've reported, Lindsay Lohan surrendered herself to Lynwood Correctional Facility this morning at 5am, where she was fitted with an electronic ankle monitor bracelet and ordered to begin her 35-day sentence under house arrest in Venice - and according to a law enforcement source, even though she's technically an inmate of the El Lay Sheriff's Department, she's allowed to have as many visitors during that time as she wants!

As spokesperson Steve Whitmore explained:

“Miss Lohan came over for a booking this morning around 5am where it was determined that she was eligible for her ankle monitor. The Los Angeles County Probation Department recommended that she was eligible for her to do 35 days of home detention also. She will be paying for this out of her own pocket. Miss Lohan arrived in a black SUV this morning with her attorney and she was co-operative and professional. She left after about an hour and she currently has her ankle monitor.”

Under the terms of her house arrest, she is not allowed to leave the property. Her ankle bracelet is connected to her phone, which is being monitored as well by the Sheriff's Department.

However, she is NOT currently undergoing any blood or alcohol testing.

Let's hope she uses this time to really think about her mistakes, and doesn't just take advantage of the lucky break to go on a 35 day bender!

Fingers crossed she can keep her shiz together!

[Image via WENN.]

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Limited Visitation Rights For LiLo's Peeps

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Sorry Orange Oprah! No visits to your mealticket for awhile!

Now that Lindsay Lohan has been tossed back into Lynwood prison by the mighty, majestic hands of Judge Fox, she has to start planning out her social itinerary for the next month.

Thing is, as of right now, she is only allowed three visitors - her lawyer, her psychiatrist and her addiction specialist!

The gangs all in!

So, lets plan this out. Tomorrow, Lindsay can spend the day bitching about her feelings to Dr. Lee Sadja. On Monday, she can tell Gary Richman, an addiction specialist affiliated with the Advanced Pain Treatment and Diagnostics Group, how she is jonesing for a sniff of white wonder and in about another hour, she'll be throwing Twizzlers at Shawn Chapman Holley for allowing her to waste such a cute outfit on judge who was clearly in cahoots with Marsha Revel!

LOLs! It's going to be a fun couple of weeks!

[Image via WENN.]

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Friends Not Allowed To Visit Lindsay


Sorry, Lindsay!

No friends for you!

The UCLA rehab where Lindsay LOLhan is staying is not allowing her friends to visit her inside their facilities. Only blood relatives - which you know, is probably just as bad, if not 10 times worse, since Dina, Michael, and probably even Ali are her worst influencers.

Luckily for LiLo though, she gets to see her friends after the first day 30 days, which is when the rehab will start to allow her to have regular visitors.

These rules aren't strict enough!! Lindsay needs to get ALL bad influences out of her life!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Busy Day At The LOLhan Correctional Facility!

We hope Lindsay isn't feeling lonely anymore because she had a slew of visitors yesterday!

Mother Dina and sister Ali Lohan were seen exiting the correctional facility, carrying bags of hate fan letters that we're sure Lindsay will have plenty of time to read now that she's not, you know, snorting cocaine or going on all night booze binges.

Soon after, ex-gf SaMANtha Ronson dropped by looking too cool for school, with her head down, then was later spotted sprinting across the parking lot, trying to escape the hordes of paparazzi.

Linds even got a visit from her good ol' lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, who was bombarded by a lulzy one-person protest by Lindsay's #1 super fan, wearing a "LINNOCENT" sweat shirt and screaming out, "LOmania!!!!"

The crazed fan serenaded the attorney while carrying a boom box and then later asked her a very important question - "Do you represent public urination victims??"


Holley responded by saying, "funnest jail parking lot ever."

Yeah, because jail is such a hoot!

No word yet on whether or not she brought Lindsay any Twizzlers.

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