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Tori Spelling Gets A Ca$h Money Offer To Release Her Now NoTORIous Sex Tape!

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tori spelling dean sex tape wenn doodle

Donna Martin's virginity has DEFINITELY been lost and there might even be video proof!

As we reported earlier this week, Tori Spelling spilled in her new book, Spelling It Like It Is, that she shot a sex tape four years ago!

She and her hubby Dean McDermott got their lights camera ACTION on and recorded their love making on Valentine's Day of 2009! But according to Tori, the tape was then stolen and is now floating around out there, just waiting to be made public!

Cue the adult industry with offers to buy said tape…

Yup, the first proposal from porno company Vivid has been put on the table! President of Vivid entertainment, Steve Hirsch, says he's willing to pay out some $ERIOUS green for the right to Tori's sex tape!

In his written offer to Ms. Spelling, Hirsch wrote:

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tori and dean with a boot on his legtori and dean holding handstori and dean walking through hollywoodtori and dean leaving katsuya

Farrah Abraham's Vagina Is Single-Handedly Saving The Porn Industry! Find Out HOW!

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farrah abraham sex tape saving porn industry vivid sydney leathers

We barely believe it!!!

The world gave Farrah Abraham flack for making pornography with James Deen instead of spending more time parenting her children that flaunting her fabulous lady parts, but apparently the Teen Mom was just doing her civic duty!

According to those inside the insides industry, it's celebrity sex tapes that are keeping the porn industry afloat!

One source revealed:

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Kris Humphries' Ex Myla Sinanaj Is Releasing A Sex Tape!

kris humphries ex girlfriend myla sinanaj releasing a sex tape

It certainly sounds like Kris Humphries has a type!!

The Boston Celtics power forward's ex-girlfriend apparently has a sex tape on the horizon, and we're NOT talking about Kim Kardashian!

An insider revealed that Myla Sinanaj has teamed up with Vivid and reputedly has a naughty video coming to a computer near you soon!

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Cops SHOOT Dog In Front Of Owner: Tragic New Details Revealed

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We previously mentioned that in Hawthorne, CA, a man's dog was SHOT right in front of him by police officers as he was being arrested!

He was complying fully with the cops when his dog jumped out of his car and started barking at the officers.

Then out of nowhere, a third cop comes in, gun drawn, and shoots the dog several times!!

It's seriously the most horrible thing to watch!

The video has gone viral and so someone went out and found the dog's owner, Leon Rosby, and had him tell his side of the story.

Check out the video (above) for a description in vivid detail of what exactly went down!

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape Hunk James Deen Pretty Much CONFIRMS The XXX Video!!

james deen is farrah abrahams sex tape partner(1)

OOH girl, you really need to stop frontin' now!!

Ever since Farrah Abraham's alleged sex tape went up for sale, the Teen Mom has been denying that she ever even took part in a steamy XXX video, but according to porn star, James Deen, he's surprised by how fast word is traveling. LOLz

Deen said:

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Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Destroyed?!

kim kardashian sex tape

Oh no!!!

The original copy of Kim Kardashian's claim to fame, Kim K Superstar, was almost lost FOREVER in a blaze on Saturday night!

While her uber-successful reality show makes it easy to forget her roots, we have been reminded just how VALUABLE the 2007 sex tape licking Ray J's lollipop is!

So valuable in fact, that Vivid Entertainment's big man executive, Steve Hirsch, left a far away Clippers game to go save his moneymaker after a 911 call reported that flames had erupted in his offices.

The infamous pornographic film was locked

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Hulk Hogan's Sex Tape Has Hit The Web…And He Plans To Sue Anybody And Everybody Who Posts It

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Hulk Hogan is a reality star again!

But in the worst way possible.

His long-rumored sex tape had its big premiere on the world wide web yesterday!

The 30-minute black and white footage, which appears to have been secretly shot from above, features the wrestler making whoopie with a brunette woman who may or may not be the ex-wife of Hogan's best friend, Bubba the Love Sponge.

If that's the case, then his buddy may have even been there when it happened. Both Hulk and the woman (possibly Heather Clem) are seen and heard casually talking to a third party off camera in the middle of the tryst!

She's naked, he just went down on her and then they stop to make conversation, so clearly, there is some kind of sharing going on here.

Regardless of who is who in this epic and surprisingly well-shot home video, Hogan is furious that it has leaked online.

Even though

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