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Casey Anthony Vlog: I've Adopted!

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In a mysterious new vlog, Casey Anthony is telling her computer screen all about her new life in probation.

She's REALLY excited about having a computer and a camera. And guess what… she's even adopted another baby… a baby dog!!

Hmm, we bet that's gonna get everyone's approval! Ha!

Some are still wondering if it could actually be her but multiple sources confirm it is, saying:

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Mariah Carey Vlogs Again! This Time, From Aspen!

Hooray! More of MiMi's Adventures!!!

You remember her Christmas vlog, riight? Well think of this like part two of her Christmas celebration, but this time she's talking to her new friends — the horses.

Mariah Carey, keep making these gems. Please. They entertain us almost as much as your 90s videos did!!

Watch as she and hubby Nick Cannon try to persuade the horses into pulling her ride in Aspen!


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Mariah Carey Vlogs For Christmas!

OMG it's MiMi time!!!

Or, as she puts it, it's MiMi's Adventures in NYC!

Mariah Carey was on a DESPERATE search for Christmas lights in the big apple, but could she find any?!!?

And what all did she have to go through to get to them?? With MiMi, U know UR gonna see somethin' crazy!

Watch and see, perezcious readers! Watch and see ..all of her "incidents." LOLz!

P.S! We think more celebs should vlog, don't u??

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River's Model Diary Day 2!

Our favorite model River Viiperi has uploaded a new video diary!

On day 2, River takes us on a photo shoot (and brings the LOLs at the 3:15 mark) and then to a fashion show.

Check out the cutie's cinematic adventures, in the clip (above)!

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River Vlogs!

It's like an early birthday present!

The hawtness that is River Viiperi has started his own video diary.

The best part? He starts filming in bed!!!


Check out a day in the life of River in the clip (above)!

Don't keep us waiting too long for the next one!

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Lifetime Does Not Censor Tim Gunn

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Tim Gunn is setting the record straight about a video he posted on his Facebook page about last week's Project Runway.

The recap video, which he does all the time, was only up for a short time before it mysteriously disappeared leading people to believe the head honchos at Lifetime made him do it.

Unfortunately for all the haters that's not true.

Gunn told the NY Post:

"Lifetime had nothing to do with it. I did it completely on my own. There was a hurtful reaction to a couple of things I said, and that really concerned me. That was never my intention. I thought, 'Let me just take this down.' "

Thanks to the mean comments made by Anna Wintour's minions Tim may not do anymore vlogs:

"I don't want to hurt anyone, and at the same time I want to be able to talk matter-of-factly. The experience with this episode has been very sobering for me. It's kind of a wakeup call — you just can't say anything, yet, at the same time, there are things I want to share. I need to be a little more careful about it, even though we all make mistakes."

We think Tim should keep doing it.

People love him for his brutal honesty and want to hear his reaction since he doesn't get a chance on the show.

[Image via WENN.]

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