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Zac Efron Rides Dirrrty In ZeXXXy New Pics!

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Oh to be that vibrating mass of metal between Zac Efron's powerful man legs…


We've got a very special edition of Your Daily Zefron for all you lovely people this fine day!

Bask in all the hotness that is Zaquisha in not one but 8 photos from Zac's recent trip to Misibis Bay in The Philippines!

Stare at that perfect human specimen while he dominates a dirt bike (above)!

Last month, Zacky dished to Ellen DeGeneres about his on his AWEsome sounding asian vacation, where dude apparently munched on lunch at the top of a volcano!

We're just surprised the volcano didn't erupt due to the sheer amount of hotness that was sitting up top! LOLz!

Get feverish over seven more snaps of Zac's Misbis Bay adventure (below)!

[Image via Magic Liwanag/PR Asia Worldwide.]

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Katy Perry Found Nirvana Atop A Volcano

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katy perry volcano

Katy Perry is on a spiritual journey!

Our beautiful queen of all things sugar and spice took a trip up a volcano where she could make some quality time for herself and some serious reflection.

Paying homage to Elizabeth Gilbert's super amazing 2006 memoir, Katy posted the photo you see above with the caption:

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ANOTHER Osama Movie???

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new osama movie in the works

Watch out, Kathryn! You've got some competition.

Back in July, we learned that Kathryn Bigelow's Navy SEAL Team 6/Osama bin Laden movie was in the works, and it was set for release on October 12th, 2012 by Sony Pictures.

Now, we're hearing that agents are shopping around Chuck Pfaffer's new book entitled SEAL Target Geronimo: The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama Bin Laden, and it sounds like A LOT of interest by studios and producers is expected.

The book comes out

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Mt. Etna Is Such A Hipster!

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Since Mt. Etna has been super pissed off lately, what with its violent bursts that can be seen from space and all, it's good to know how mellow she can be too.

Rarely seen, this volcano has made some badass smoke rings in her day.

Watch for yourself and be mesmerized by nature. LOL!

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Screw Rehab! Lindsanity Wants To Go To Prison!


So we hear, but considering the source, we'll take this with a grain of salt.

The ever fame hungry father-of-the-year, Michael Lohan, is telling the press that his daughter would rather go to jail than back to rehab.

Lindsay Lohan is well on her way to getting her wish, if that's what she is really after. If she can't stop pAArtying in Cannes long enough to get back here by tomorrow morning, her ass should get prepped for an orange jumpsuit!

Then again, with such an important date coming up, she really shouldn't have gone at all, so maybe there is some truth to the words Papa Lohan is spewing. When asked about Lilo and her options, Michael said:

"Lindsay doesn't need to go through the jail process. She thinks that three days in jail is better than 60 days in rehab and she's sadly mistaken. Lindsay doesn't realize how horrible it is to be in jail for one, two, three days or longer. It's something that would stick with her for the rest of her life and she doesn't need any more torment."

Well, you would know, wouldn't you?!

Like father, like daughter!

It's going to be a very interesting morning tomorrow!

[Image via WENN.]

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Lindsanity Vs. The Volcano

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Oh, she's really gone and effed herself this time, hasn't she?

Although Lindsanity LOLhan has a court date she's required to attend on Thursday and has yet to finish her required number of alcohol education courses, that didn't stop her from taking off to Cannes to pAArty her face off promote a nonexistent film!

In a HIGHlarious twist of irony - or divine intervention - that pesky Icelandic volcano and all of its ash is still messing with air traffic, and girlfriend apparently can't secure a flight back to El Lay before Thursday!

And as we all know, if she's a no-show, the judge is issuing a bench warrant for her arrest!

Have fun in prison, bb!

There was no reason for you to be in Cannes, so good luck trying to talk your way out of this one!


[Image via WENN.]

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Thanks A lot, Volcano!

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At least someone is benefiting from the volcanic ash. Eyjafjallajokull is getting Chace Crawford some play!

The Gossip Girl star is currently stranded in London since the volcanic ash has stopped any flights from taking off.

Don't feel too bad for him, though. Seems he's found a way to distract himself with the help of a blonde actress!

Sources claim Chace has been chasing around British actress Tessa while on his layover, going on dates to Le Caprice and the Whiskey Mist club and really hitting it off with her.

Stoopid volcano with it's stoopid romancing powers.

[Image via WENN.]

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