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No Matrix Sequels In The Works!

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Phew! We were nervous there for a sec!

Despite reports that Keanu Reeves appeared at a Q&A session at the London International School of Performing Arts, and revealed that the Wachowski brothers were planning two more sequels to the The Matrix series, his representative has revealed that “none of it is true…he did not speak nor get an award from the from the London International School of Performing Arts.”

Excellent news!

We suppose we'll just have to write this off as some fanboy wetdream that somehow managed to pick up press!

You can go back to your bench now and sadly eat your sandwich in peace, bb!

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Halle Berry Confirmed For Wachowskis' Cloud Atlas

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The genius' that brough us The Matrix, the Wachowskis, have returned! They will be directing the adaptation of Cloud Atlas, based on David Mitchell's novel about a series of characters that find their destinies intertwined.

While at the NAACP Image Awards, Halle Berry confirmed that she would be in the film! Rumored to be joining her are
Tom Hanks, James McAvoy and Natalie Portman.

Filming begins this summer.


[Image via WENN.]

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More Details On The Wachowski Brothers Gay Iraq War Movie!

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Nerds around the world are all very curious about the next project to come from the Wachowski Brothers. The men behind the Matrix series have been puzzling Hollywood for months, working on a project known as Cobalt Neural 9 - a project people know little to nothing about. As of now, all that was known was that it was a love story between a U.S. soldier and an Iraqi one, but we've got some more deets that are pretty exciting, including the fact that this love affair is a GAY ONE!

What the what?! Amazeballs! What a great time for this!

We have more details that are very SPOILER heavy, so if you'f rather not know, DON'T READ ON!

Basically, the film takes place 100 years in the future and "digital archeologists" are going through old footage of the time when U.S. occupied Iraq. They come across the story of Butch, a homosexual American Marine who travels to the Middle East to "fuck and kill everything", but then falls in love with an Iraqi. The two meet while Butch is on patrol and it doesn't take long before their romance turns into a raunchy sex scene hidden behind closed burqas.

But here's where it gets REALLY crazy! Of course, they're affair is discovered just as the war really starts to heat up. That's when they convince themselves that the only way they can be together is to "kill the architect of the invasion" - George W. Bush! The movie then turns from romantic tragedy to mission impossible as they try to assassinate Georgie on one of his secret visits to Iraq!

We're told the film will have a very Cloverfield-esque feel to it and could cost the brothers about $20 million to make. We say the brothers, because so far, no studio wants to touch this film and considering how much dough they made off of the Matrix franchise, the brothers could finance it themselves.

It sure would get a lot of attention that's for sure. We'd be interested in seeing it!

Would U? Thoughts?

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An Iraq War Story About Gay Lovers Written By Matrix Creators

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Hmm, this should be interesting…

The Matrix creators Larry and Andy Wachowski have just finished writing a script about a homosexual relationship between a U.S. soldier and an Iraqi.

The story, which is said to feature a "hard R" gay relationship will begin in the near future and then goes back in time over the years, including the current war in Iraq.

As of now, the brothers are looking for a financier.

It may be a hard story to sell, but we certainly hope someone is out there to give it a chance!

[Image via WENN.]

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