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Do Only Humans Have Sex For Pleasure??

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Humans have a lot of sex.

Some more than others.

Compared to other species, humans have sex for more than just reproduction and (sometimes) for more than just the sheer pleasure of it.

Science has long studied sex, and tried to figure out why it is so pleasurable. We can only assume if sex didn't feel good, then why would anyone do it?

So then, maybe all animals are having sex for pleasure?

One thing that many studies have looked at is the frequency of masturbation in different species.

A surprising amount of animals bop their bologna.

Masturbation has been seen in dogs, horses, birds, walruses, squirrels, sheep, turtles, bears, elephants and porcupines.


What science has found, is that these animals extremely rarely ever "get off."

Researchers believe it's the human ability to "form mental representations of erotic material" that allows us to reach a climax so often.

When it comes to sex (with another, not just yourself) the rumors are true for the most part that dolphins and bonobo chimps are mainly the only other animals that have sex even when the female isn't in "heat."

So even though sex may seem relatively animalistic, it's actually one of the more human things you can do.

So get out there and be human! (Consensual humans, please.)

[Image via AP Images.]

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Jake Gyllenhaal Will Swim With Walruses!

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jake gyllenhaal

What a cool guy!

Jake Gyllenhaal has decided to celebrate his 30th birthday by swimming with walruses in the arctic circle!

Jake said that he decided to do this because he wanted to do something completely different…also that it terrified him! Aww!

"The only reason I'm doing it is I wanted to do something that absolutely terrified me - killer whales and walruses and freezing cold water? That seems absolutely terrifying."

Wow! Sounds exciting!

Jake will not be leaving his twenties behind until December 19th, but he says that he is excited to start this new decade of his life!

Happy Birthday bb! We are sure it will be great!

[Image via HRC/WENN.]

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As Arctic Ice Melts, Walruses Gather On The Coast

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NatGeo: Walruses Swarm Beaches as Ice Melts

Thousands of walruses have gathered on the coast because of extreme ice melting near a Barrier Island in Alaska.

The walruses use the sea ice as a resting platform between feedings in the ocean. However, according to the World Wildlife Foundation arctic sea ice is at its 3rd lowest level in US history.

A no fly zone has been put into effect in this area because the noise from the aircraft can startle the walruses. When walruses get spooked they often stampede, which is very dangerous, especially because calves and juveniles can get crushed to death by the larger walruses.

This is not good. We hope that this ice stops melting soon!

Let's get these walruses their habitat back!

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Walruses Come Ashore Due To Melting Sea Ice

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Due to the effects of global warming, tens of thousands of walruses have come ashore in Alaska.

The ice they usually rest on has melted. Walruses can be seen "for one mile or more. This is just packed shoulder-to-shoulder," sajd U.S. Geological Survey biologist Anthony Fischbach.

Although there may be enough food for all of them, scientists are concerned about the one-ton females stampeding each other and their smaller calves.

"When they no longer have a place to rest, they need to go some place and it's a long commute," said Fischbach. "This is directly related to the lack of sea ice.

The federal government is determining whether walruses should be put on the endangered species list.


[Image via AP Images.]

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