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Today Is Worldwide Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter Day

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worldwide unfollow charlie sheen on twitter day

Somehow, we don't think this is going to be a widely observed holiday…not while he's still tweeting sentences like the following:

#fastball; the LAPD were AWESOME. Absolute pros! they can protect and serve this Warlock anytime!!! c

While some folks are still loving the concepts of "winning" and "warlocks," some people have had enough, and The Village Voice is asking people to stop listening today, in observance of "Worldwide Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter Day."

Right now, Charlie Sheen has 2,576,453 followers.

Guess we'll see if that number goes down or up a lot more by the end of the day…

Will U observe Worldwide Unfollow Charlie Sheen On Twitter Day?

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Move Over, Rachael Ray! Charlie Sheen Is In The Kitchen Now

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At least he's got a sense of humor about himself…assuming he realized this was a joke.

Check out the video (above) of Charlie Sheen teaching the world how to cook, in a perfectly coherent manner.

At first, this seemed like it was just another excuse for Charlie to overuse words like "winning" and "warlock," but when he grabbed a bottle of wine and said it was "tea made from ground dinosaur fossils," we were pretty much won over.

Good for them for not using the obvious "tiger blood" joke! We appreciate that kind of thing.

What do U think of Charlie's cooking show? Did you learn a lot?

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McDonalds Joins Team Sheen, Introduces McWinning!

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charlie sheen inspires mcdonalds menu item

Will this be on the "dollar menu"…or will they have a separate "rock star menu?"

Looks like McDonald's is on board with Team Sheen, because last week they tweeted the following, which Charlie Sheen has since retweeted:

Despite all the rumors there r no plans 2 bring #mclobster or mcsushi 2 the US menu. We r working on a new menu item called McWinning.

Wow. Guess you better figure out something fast if you want to compete, Burger King! Maybe it's time to change the name "Whopper" to "Warlock"…at least for now…

Would U eat a McWinning sandwich? Do U think McWinning will be a sandwich??? Do U think it will actually get made?????

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Denise Richards Wants To Keep Kids Away From Charlie


We can't blame her.

Denise Richards doesn't want her daughters, 6-year-old Sam and 5-year-old Lola anywhere near Charlie Sheen as she's "disgusted" by his recent behavior and thinks he's just too risky to be around their daughters.

Denise believes Brooke Mueller's allegations, which stated that Charlie told everyone he "violently" hated Denise and was going to have her hair shaved off.

Furthermore, when Charlie asked Denise to sit down and do a photo shoot with him, their kids, Brooke and her kids, and the goddesses, Denise refused. Charlie apparently got so angry, he went on the attack and sent her vicious text messages.

WTF??!? Is this what happens when you mix a warlock with tiger's blood?

This man is unreal and we don't blame Denise one bit for not trusting Charlie in his current state.

We're just really hoping that all his children can still manage to have somewhat of a normal childhood. We really do feel for them.

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The Trump Chimes In On Charlie Sheen

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donald trump comments on charlie sheen

Why not? Let's hear what Donald Trump has to say about Charlie Sheen:

“[Charlie] is not doing so badly — I thought he’d be a total wreck. I think Charlie’s doing not so bad. So far, Charlie’s a winner!”

Wow. We cannot agree. More from Trump about the possibility of Charlie going onto Celebrity Apprentice:

“I’d love to have [Charlie on the show], but I’ll be honest — I think what’s going to happen is [Two and a Half Men] is going to end up signing him for a lot more money than he was getting paid in the first place. It’s all about ratings in this crazy business, and if you have ratings, you can be the worst person on earth and they’re going to sign you. I think Charlie will do very well.”

We see where you're coming from, Donald, but again, we cannot say we agree.

And here's what Trump had to say about a Sheen-less Two and a Half Men:

“I think it’s very risky [to continue ‘…Men’ without Charlie] and I think with Charlie they’ll do probably better than they ever did before. I would say that probably Charlie will be a big star for a long time to come… I get a great kick out of him…I think he’s doing just fine.”

He's doing fine in the sense that he's getting peoples' attention, but as a person, he's NOT doing fine. He needs help.

And more from Trump on why he likes Charlie:

“I have a life that’s very staid – I deal with banks, I deal with nice, straight people. When I see people that are different – especially if they’re smart—I get a kick out of it. I like to see it. To me it’s entertaining and I like to be entertained. Gary Busey’s fantastic, Charlie Sheen is fantastic. These are great people.”

Yes, Charlie's "sheenisms" are amusing, but the man needs serious help. We'd be much happier to see him in a facility getting treatment, than hearing more about how he's a "rock star" or how he's "super-bitchin" and how he's a "warlock."

Do U agree with Donald Trump's comments about Charlie?

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Carlos Estevez Charlie Sheen: Tweets From A Winning Warlock

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Sheen The Twitter Warlock

As we reported, our resident fave quote source has started a Twitter.

How did he kick it off?

Why, with winning of course!

Is there anything that Charlie Sheen can't defeat??

Here are the inaugural tweets:

[1] Winning..! Choose your Vice… #winning #chooseyourvice http://twitpic.com/455ly9

[2] Just got invited to do the Nancy Grace show… I'd rather go on a long road trip with Chuck Lorre in a '75 Pacer….

[3] Winner..! 2012… #winner http://twitpic.com/4575pd

[4] The only watch that keeps Warlock time - Class of 1927 ring "Bambino U" #winning http://twitpic.com/458bdr

Oh wow… DEF turning on phone tweets!

We wonder if warlocks are always on time with the help of those watches that deal specifically with warlock time, and we also wonder if warlocks usually have tiger blood, and are sometimes considered bitchin' martians.

If somebody knows, tell us what's up!

Blow up our phones with tweets, Sheenie!


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