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Joe Biden Says His Son Beau Biden Is Recovering After Doctors Discover Mass In His Brain!

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joe biden says son beau biden is recovering after doctors discovered a mass in his brain

This is EXCELLENT news!

Vice President Joe Biden's son Beau Biden was recently hospitalized after he experienced weakness and disorientation while traveling last week.

Doctors in Houston found that he had a mass in his brain and decided to run a few tests and procedures to make sure it wasn't cancerous.

Despite the scary news, Joe recently spoke out about his son's hospitalization and says things are looking VERY good:

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Coke Plays Sexist Matchmaker, Assumes Ladies Aren't Strong Enough To Open Bottles!

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This would be cute if it wasn't suuuuper sexist! LOLz!

Coke likes to think that they're creating moments between two people that could eventually lead to a Happy Ever After. Instead, what they've done is assume that by tightening the caps a little more on their coke bottles that weakling women will have to ask strong men to open the bottle for them!

Seems kind of offensive to us!

We're willing to bet that they AREN'T showing all the times women of strength (read: probably almost all of them) just worked at it and opened the bottles on their own. What we ARE shown (above) are a handful of interactions where men come to the rescue!

How romantic!


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HIV's Weak Spot Found By Scientists

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Science Goes After HIV

We can't even begin to wrap our head around a potential discovery like this, let alone the process that scientists used to arrive at it!

In in a super-cool and creative fashion, scientists at the Ragon Institute have located weaknesses in the ever-mutating HIV (they say that the mutations are producing 100 billion new particles of the virus every day) by using a mathematical method that had been originally used in the stock markets!

One of the sites is where HIV is attacked by the immune systems of "elite controllers" — people with HIV who are able to control their disease without any medication, according to the study, published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences.

Not only that, but, scientists have located some HIV sectors that don't mutate as often. By taking those sectors and straight up mutating them ourselves (instead of attacking the whole strain, which would make the entire thing mutate to avoid destruction) the HIV would be forced to mutate in a way that would weaken itself or do nothing and just flat-out die. Either way, its ass has been thoroughly kicked!

Right now they're testing it in monkeys, so, hopefully the hypothesis can be verified and we can start work on helping out humans that have been tragically infected!

Good luck, scientists!!

[Image via AP Images.]

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