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Mischa Barton Resurfaces And Gets Her Juice On!

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mischa barton grabs a juice(1)

Mischa Barton may not be the woman that we were always used to seeing, but we still think she looks healthy and happy!

The Homefront actress went out for a savory juice yesterday in El Lay, and because it was a sunny day, she put on some cute cut off denim shorts, a black coat and adorable black booties.

It's been a while since we heard anything about the starlet's diet, but from what it seems, it looks like she's still sticking to her vegan ways because she grabbed a natural snack instead of something meaty. LOLz

We hope Miz Barton has her weight under control because we know she's had trouble with her measurements lately, but as long as she's content with where she is, then so are we!

Keep looking good Mischa!!

[Image via Peter/National Photo Group.]

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Kim Kardashian Has Only Put On 23 Pounds Since She Got Pregnant!

kim kardashian pregnancy gain

Well, hopefully, this will FINALLY put all of these horrible, thoughtless rumors to rest!

Kim Kardashian's weight has been under an enormous amount of scrutiny during her pregnancy, which tabloids alleging that since announcing she was with child, she's put on up to 200 pounds, is afraid Kanye West will cheat on her, and is considering a post-birth tummy tuck!

Yeah! It's so ridiculous and horrible that even Gwyneth Paltrow is telling folks to back off!

But according to new reports, the reality starlet is

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Gwyneth Paltrow Hates That Pregnant Kim Kardashian Is Getting Criticism Over Her Weight!

gwyneth paltrow doesnt like all the backlash kim kardashian is getting over her weight gain

Kim Kardashian has unfortunately been getting torn apart over all the weight she has put on during her pregnancy, but unlike a lot of people who think that the reality star is just too big, Gwenyth Paltrow wants everyone to shut their face because she says women are supposed to gain weight when they're with child.

The It's All Good cookbook author attended the opening of Tracy Anderson's new workout studio in Brentwood yesterday, and because Kimmy was also an attendee, cameras and backlash began pointing at her.

Disgusted about how the media has been criticizing the mom-to-be, Gwyneth stood up for Kim, and said:

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Kim Kardashian's HIGH Calorie Diet Is Revealed!

kim kardashians high calorie diet is revealed(1)

While Kanye West has been away in Paris working on his latest album during Kim Kardashian's pregnancy, the starlet is going cray and is unfortunately covering up her sorrows with FATTENING FOOD.

Last month, Miz Kardashian said that she was sticking to a healthy diet and slammed rumors that she had gained 65 pounds, but according to a source, Kimmy is "eating her feelings."

The source said:

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Rob Kardashian's Paparazzi Robbery Explained! Claims The Photog Was Trespassing!!

rob kardashian gifs

Rob Kardashian did allegedly steal a paparazzi's memory card, but he had good reason to, OKAY?!

The fitness motivated man is supposedly telling friends that he was at a PRIVATE gym when the photog somehow got into the garage where a heavier Rob was changing.


Apparently the pap waited

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Rob Kardashian ROBBED Paparazzi Shot Of His Shirtless Bod!? Like, ROBBED The Equipment!?!

rob kardashian steals from paparazzi

Didn't Kris Jenner teach him it's not okay to steal??!!

Rob Kardashian is having a hard time burning off those 40 heartbreak pounds after his nasty split from Rita Ora and the pesky paparazzi aren't making it any easier on him.

While Rob has been open about his weight gain, that doesn't mean he wants to show off his nekkid pouty belly to the world, but the paparazzi does!!!

One very lucky photog apparently got the money making shot of an exposed, heavier version of Rob…

…that was until Rob allegedly STOLE her equipment!

Yep! Rob was SO worried the unflattering photo would leak that he reportedly snatched

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Rob Kardashian Partying Hard With Paid Escorts! Khloe And The Family Concerned!

rob kardashian partying hard with call girls has khloe concerned

Oh no!

We knew Rob Kardashian was struggling after his nasty break-up with Rita Ora last year, but we didn't know it was THIS bad!

A source says Rob's wild behavior has his family concerned, and it doesn't look like things are getting any better:

“Rob is a complete mess. He drinks like a fish, starting in the afternoon and going all night long.”

Yikes! That's definitely not going to help him lose 40 pounds!

Sadly, things get even worse as the source goes on to say he's been keeping some questionable company

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