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Hugh Jackman's Muscles Might Actually Explode!

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hugh jackman muscles explode twitter picture

The closer Hugh Jackman gets to exploding his muscles, the better for us — because right up to that threshold it's a very impressive and sexy thing to witness!

Here though, we're a little TOO close to seeing all of his muscles burst (above) in what we would assume to be a painful goo, but we can still respect him for the amount of effort he's putting in! LOLz!

Hugh, as you know, is all about his body! It's borderline obsessive, but he's not ignoring his family or his job, so we'll allow the amount of time he puts into it!

He said this along with the picture:

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Quote Of The Day

Arnold Weightlifting quote parents

"My mother was always worried because she saw the pictures on my bedroom wall of naked men oiled up. And so she called the doctor and said, 'Is something wrong? Is my son turning south here?"

- Arnold Schwarzenegger, on his parents' concerns when he first started weightlifting

[Image via WENN.]

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And That's Why They Call It A Deadlift! Muscle Man Faints Mid-Workout!

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Who said weightlifting wasn't a contact sport??

A bodybuilder with 538 pounds in awesome beard weights finished his deadlift but FAINTED after dropping the barbell to the floor!

Ouch!!! Gotta remember to breathe, broseph!

Take a peek at the video (above) to watch this yolked-up back-up dancer for ZZ Top guy experience the ultimate gym faux pas!!

Maybe it wasn't the workout that made all that blood leave his brain — maybe it the CRUSHING sounds of Led Zeppelin, LOLz!!

We hope you're alright dude — make sure and wear a helmet new time!

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