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Hello, Gorgeous! Barbra Streisand Announces West Coast Tour Dates!!

So many Babsy emotions are filling our hearts and souls with glee right now!!!

Our First Lady of Brooklyn is making her way out west!

As we've mentioned, Barbra Streisand will be returning to her hometown at the Barclays Center for two very rare performances, October 11 and 13.

But, now west coasters will get their chance to see our favorite Funny Girl!

She's just announced that she's added additional dates to her tour in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Jose.

Joined by Il Volo and Chris Botti, the iconic singer will play Las Vegas on November 2 at the MGM Grand, San Jose on November 5 at the HP Pavilion, and Los Angeles, CA on November 9 at the Hollywood Bowl.

Thankfully, she'll be in the two sunniest states where no one can rain on her parade! Be still our beating hearts!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Emma Stone And Ryan Gosling Get Gangster In New Movie Poster

New Gangster squad poster

We're lovin' this new poster for the upcoming crime thriller, Gangster Squad.


Young hotties Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are front and center, while older stars Josh Brolin and Sean Penn surround on the sides.

We loved Ryan and Emma's chemistry in Crazy, Stupid, Love, so we can't wait to see it again! This time, however, their love story is set in the 1940's and RyGos is a gunslinging gangster killer who is trying to win her heart while ridding El Lay of East Coast Mafia types.

If you haven't seen the trailer for this summer flick, U should, so click on over here to watch!

Red is so Emma's color. And Ryan… well, we prefer to see him in nothing at all, but that's just us.

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KStew, TayTay And Breaking Dawn Cast And Crew Evacuated From Vancouver Beach Due To Tsunami!


Truly so frightening! We are praying for everyone's safety.

While Hawaii and the North American west coast have been placed on tsunami advisories after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck Japan today, thousands have been evacuated all over the Pacific region - and that includes Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and the cast of Breaking Dawn, who are currently filming in the Vancouver Island beach area of British Columbia!

Sources close to the production have revealed that although they aren't believed to be in any serious danger, everyone has been moved out of the vicinity as a precaution.

Seriously! Better safe than sorry when it comes to this sort of thing!

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this horrible catastrophe. Stay strong, and more importantly, stay SAFE.

[Image via WENN.]

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Guess Who's Thinking About Moving To El Lay?!

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Thank the heavens! Let the invasion begin!

It looks as though The Situation may not be the only Jersey Shore castmember relocating permanently on the West Side, because multiple sources are confirming that both JWoww and our most beloved Snooki Snickers are separately considering taking on El Lay full-time!

According to insiders, JWoww has received "lots of offers for modeling contracts and endorsements" based in the city of angels, and is currently on the hunt for an apartment so she can further pursue her options!

Meanwhile, friends close to Snooks allege that the guidette also thinks it's time to leave the east coast behind!

They reveal:

"We were talking at her birthday party, and she said she just thought Los Angeles was a more mellow, cool place to live. She obviously loves home, but she feels California would be better because of the people. She's kind of ready to get away New Jersey and make a change."

It's like a two-for-one deal!

We'd love our gurls out here on a permanent basis! The West Coast wants you, bbs!


[Image via WENN.]

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Katy Perry Talks New Album!

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So exciting!! We KNOW it's going to be fantastic! We heard the rumored first single and it's a smash!

Katy Perry's next album is only months away from hitting the shelves, but she's making it difficult for us to even wait that long!

She said over the weekend:

"It's what I said I wanted earlier. We nailed it: It's roller-skating! It's '90s! It's Ace of Base! It's Cyndi Lauper! It's like all these colors and more. There might be some really cool guest appearances by some cool rappers from the West Coast. I mean, you'll just have to see, since I'm a California girl, you know. And then some best friends might be appearing. … We'll see! It's going to be fun. It's going to be one of those records that is everybody's favorite guilty pleasure."

She sounds pretty confident, so we can only imagine how awesome it's going to be!!

What do U think?? Are U excited for Katy's next album??

[Image via WENN.]

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