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What The Tabs Are Talking About!


No surprise this weekend. They're talking about what we all can't stop talking about: Whitney Houston.

The tabloids this week couldn't talk about something else even if they wanted to, since Whitney is at the forefront of everyone's mind worldwide. The circumstances and mystery surrounding her death has captivated the attention of anyone who has every listened to one of her songs or seen one of her movies.

So basically…everyone.

Some of the tabs dedicated their issues in loving tributes to the fallen star. Others, try to piece together what could have possibly happened to her on her last day on Earth. And others just throw straight up slander out there to garner some interest in their mag. We won't say which is which. We'll just say that we don't really approve of slinging her name in the mud when she isn't alive to defend herself. Jus saying.

Check out the rest of the big covers this week in the gallery (below)!

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What The Tabs Are Talking About Special Edition: MADONNA!

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We're in Vogue heaven right now!!!

In this week leading up to her big Super Bowl halftime show, the magazines are filled to the brim with all kinds of Madonna goodies! Interviews, photo galleries, vintage looks, sneak peeks at W.E. and loads, loads more!

Granted, some of the magazines are bit more kind than others, we still love when we're living in a material world where the original Material Girl is front and center!

Check out some HIGHlights from some of the articles out now featuring our Queen!

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What The Tabs Are Talking About!


No surprise here: Demi Moore is the forefront of all the rag mags!

With so many rumors flying around about what exactly landed Demi in rehab last week, the tabloids are having a field day with all the speculation and are milking her "exhaustion" for all it was worth. Apparently, she is a "time bomb" set to emotionally explode at any moment. And another mag reports she is in a "desperate spiral" with no hope of regaining her life back.

How simply frightful! (We mean how much money they are probably making off of this story!)

But not to be left out (because she couldn't stand it) Kim Kardashian and her ex-hubby Kris Humphries landed a few of their own tabloid covers, along with Will Smith and Brangelina.

The gangs all here!

Check out the gallery (below) to see what the tabs are talking about this week!

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What The Tabs Are Talking About!



And quite a wide range of topics concerning the matter!

There's a lot of heavy gossip going on this week about several major, key players in Hollywood. For the moment, it seems like the Kardashians are on a break from their rule of the roost and some A-list celebs are getting their chance to be thrown under the bus. Johnny Depp is having his failing marriage exposed on People Magazine, while Star is suggesting that not only is Jennifer Aniston pregnant, but she wants Brangelina to adopt her baby Brad Pitt to come back to her to help her raise it. Ryan Gosling apparently got seduced into a relationship he didn't want and Katy Perry's deep dark secrets are said to be on the way out of hiding if Russell Brand makes good on his deal for a tell-all book!

Such scandal! Such betrayal! Such a treat for the lover of tabloids! Nothing not juicy about any of these stories, we'll tell ya that!

Check out the gallery (below) to see more of the headlines from the tabs this week.

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What The Tabs Are Talking About!


Ah! Now, let's see here. What kind of treasures to the tabloids hold for us this week!

Why, this cover story (above) foretells that Brad Pitt has a love child with someone who is NOT Angelina Jolie! (Or Jennifer Aniston. Hasn't this girl suffered enough???) Can't say we find that story to be conceivable. Besides the obvious reasons, when in the hell would he have time to knock up another lady. Raising a dozen children is a lot of work you know.

They are at a dozen now, right?

Ah! And it seems Kim Kardashian is ready to return into the arms for a former lover. Another mad is klaiming that Kim is krawling back to Reggie Bush, insisting that she loves him still!

Least us not forget that Russell Brand is apparently insane and that Demi Moore is a lesbian. Will wonders never cease!

Check out the gallery below to view some more tabloid headlines from this week.

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What The Tabs Are Talking About!


Such a scandalous week in the tabs! We've got divorce, marriage, baby news and historical secrets!

Who could ask for more!

This week, the tabloids have all your fave celebs covered:

Ashton and Demi's marriage may be in trouble, while Jennifer might finally be ready to get down the aisle again. Kim K may be having a baby, while Jackie O possibly had some dirty secrets of her own.

So many claims, so completely unfounded! HA!

Check out the covers of all of these week's tabloids in the gallery (below)

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