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Storm Lee Is Just Too "Self-Realized" For The X Factor

Well, isn't someone completely full of himself?

Recently eliminated X Factor contestant Storm Lee apparently can't deal the reality that he didn't make the cut in the competition, and is now claiming that he was the best singer on the show!

He asserts:

"I'm the most versatile singer out of all of the contestants. That’s not me being arrogant [ed. note - yes, it is.], but I realized early on that it's not a singing show, it's a popularity competition. I feel really relieved to be out, actually. Right from the start I was pushing against a lot of factors that were really against me, and I knew, quite early on, that I was probably a bit too creative for the show, a bit too polished and too self-realized."

Justify it to yourself anyway that you want, bb, but face the facts!

You didn't make the cut for a reason! And we doubt that it had anything to do with popularity or 'self-realization!'

We think his performance (above) speaks for itself.


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Shia Tries To Justify A Transformers Without Foxy!

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We thought all of the nonsensical bullshit word vomit would have left the franchise with Foxy, but we guess not!

Shia LaBeouf is once again talking about the replacement of Megan Fox in the upcoming Transformers 3, and is clearly trying to justify the sudden switch in characters as if it's a good creative move for the story!

Ha! Because he thinks Transformers has a story.

He says:

"I think there's positives and negatives to [Fox] not being [in the movie]. It's awesome that we get the discovery again. I think when everybody's vetted and everybody's been through these wars, then that discovery of the first film is nonexistent. It's kind of beautiful in that we get a new set of eyes, a fresh set of eyes for the audience to vibe with. So you get the discovery again, which is something that wouldn't happen if Megan came back."

What the eff does it even mean??

This isn't art house cinema, bb, you don't need to explain away a last-minute casting change!

We're sure your new arm candy bitch will be just as riveting and layered a character as the last one!

[Image via On Location News.]

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More Zombies! Resident Evil 5 In The Works!

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They're seriously going to make another one of these STOOPID movies?

Milla Jovovich revealed recently that although there hasn't been one decent review for any of her Resident Evil movies ever, production on a fifth flick is already in the works!

She says:

"So we're definitely going to make another one. We’ve been talking to a lot of fans on Twitter and stuff, so it’s probably going to be one of the first movies where we really talk to fans to see what they want, and what characters they want to see. It's going to be a more interactive process."

They might as well let the fanboys write the entire effing thing! They're the only ones interested in this mess!

Granted, there are enough of them to get it the number one spot at the box office, so maybe the filmmakers are on to something.



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Chris Robinson: "Taylor Swift Is Not Very Talented!"

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Leave Taylor alone!

The Black Crowes' Chris Robinson is picking on Taylor Swift and we think he should shut his filthy mouth!

He says:

"I find it embarrassing that adults are like, 'Taylor Swift is very talented.' She's not. She might be cute, but she's horrible. They have stylists who dress them, they make records with producers who play a chord into the computer and it all comes out the same…

"When you have computers doing it all for you… there's no individuality. Singing isn't always about being on key; it's about emotionality."

He sounds like a crabby old man, doesn't he?

You're just jealous that T-Swizzle gets more attention than your band!

[Image via WENN.]

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Amy Winehouse Claims Her Album Will Be Done "In Six Months!"

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Ah! It speaks!

We've all been seeing a lot of Amy Winehouse lately - mostly stumbling around half-coherent and doing the term 'hot mess' proud - but the trainwreck/singer recently peeled herself off of a sidewalk in Camden to protest Mark Ronson's recent claims that her much-anticipated third album wouldn't be out for a while!

The Wino slurred:

"The album will be six months at the most. It's going to be very much the same as my second album, where there's a lot of jukebox stuff… I just can't wait to have some new songs [to perform] on stage."

She also went on to lie about explain why her last live performance of the tune Valerie sucked so hard!

"Mark and I recorded two versions of Valerie. We released the one that came out like the Supremes but I play the other version with my band. When I got there I completely forgot it was his version we were singing so I was probably a bit out of sync."

We think that's a perfectly reasonable explanation!

That or, you know, the two bottles of tequila you inhaled prior to the performance!

Either/or, really!

What do U think?? Do U believe The Wino will be done with her new album in six months??

[Image via WENN.]

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Boo-Hoo! Lindsay Afraid To Be Alone In The Slammer!

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We think it will do her some GOOD to be alone, without people to coddle and yes the shit out of her!

Sources close to Lindsanity LOLhan are reportedly deeply concerned about the hard-pAArtying wacktress' upcoming prison sentence, because she's allegedly claustrophobic and can never be alone!

It's apparently so bad that Lindsay had a friend fly with her home from France just so she didn't have to do it alone!

Wah wah wah!

Time for baby Lindsay to put on her big girl shoes and toughen up!

We don't think prisons make special accommodations for meth-faced cry babies!

[Image via AP Images.]

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