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Look Out McDonald's And Taco Bell! Burger King Is Offering WHAT For Breakfast??

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Your dreams of having a Whopper for breakfast are now coming true!

And the breakfast war continues!

Over the past few months we've seen tons of fast food chains compete for early morning customers by introducing new items like Taco Bell or just sticking with the classics like McDonald's!

Well Burger King is now shaking things up in the quest for breakfast bragging rights by keeping things EXACTLY the same!

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On A Diet? Watch This Guy Eat 11 Burger King Burgers While Wearing A Shock Collar And You Won't Feel So Bad!

competitive eater eats 11 burger king burgers

If you're planning on going on a diet soon, you should probably watch this video! Chances are you wont want to eat fast food for a looooong time afterwards!

Meet the L.A. Beast, the competitive eater who LOVES to post his gut busting feats on YouTube for our viewing pleasure!

One of his latest hurdles was the Burger King challenge, meaning he had to eat EVERY burger on the menu! That means he ordered

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Fast-Food Workers Expected To Go On Massive Strike Today Demanding Higher Wages!

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thousands of employees expected to strike fast food restaurants demand high wages

It looks like the french fry burger and the mighty wings will have to wait for a little while!

Thousands of fast-food employees across the country are expected to stage a walkout today in what could end up being the largest strike organized by fast-food workers!

Employees are demanding higher wages, claiming many of them simply cannot live off their current paychecks without public assistance, and many are being paid minimum wage, which is currently

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Burger King's Hands-Free Whopper Is Perfect For Lazy Gluttons Everywhere!

Are you scoffing about this being a real thing?? Well, the jokes on you!

This is TOTALLY real, and of course it's Burger King doing it! LOLz! 50 of them were handed out to members of Burger King’s loyalty program in Puerto Rico… and now you know that Burger King not only has a hands-free Whopper holding device, but also a loyalty program!

We bet not a single person in that commercial is part of that program!


Check it out in action (above) — and silently wonder how many of those burgers have horse in them!

We make jokes because we secretly want to try one of these. Don't tell anyone! LOLz!

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Nina Dobrev Gave Up Vegetarianism After Four Months

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Nina Dobrev vegatarianism

Well, that didn't last long!

Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev was a vegetarian for a whopping 4 months before she needed, well, a Whopper.

In a recent interview appearing in the Seventeen Fitness issue, hitting stands on May 3, she explained:

"At the end of last year, I tried being a vegetarian for four months, and after awhile, I started feeling weak, like I needed more protein, more energy. Then I read a review of an episode of The Vampire Diaries online, and in it the writer mentioned that I was looking too thin. I was like, 'Okay, maybe they're right.' It made me think: I need a burger — a beef burger, not a soy burger."

Vegetarianism isn't for eveyone! Still, the actress says she has plenty of admiration for anybody who can eat that healthy, saying:

"I have so much respect for vegetarians and I'm so glad I tried it, but it just didn't work out for me."

Nina, who is naturally petite and was a competitive gymnast before becoming an actress, says she's also trying to avoid looking stick thin.

"I've realized skinny isn't necessarily attractive", she commented. "Guys like girls with curves."

That may be true, but we say focus on yourself. Don't let other's opinions decide how you should look.

For all the guys out there wondering if they have what it takes to wine and dine the lovely Nina Dobrev, she gives the skinny on what she's looking for in a guy, stating:

"I like the Chris Pines and the Ryan Goslings — those types who are fit but not too fit. I'm attracted to the low-maintenance, touseled-but-happens-to-still-look-amazing guy. I like effortless. A guy who wears track pants, a T-shirt and a hat and can still be causal. Not the 'How much can you lift?' kind of guy. That doesn't matter to me at all!"

So muscle heads OUT, low maintenance movie stars IN!

[Image via WENN.]

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McDonalds Joins Team Sheen, Introduces McWinning!

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charlie sheen inspires mcdonalds menu item

Will this be on the "dollar menu"…or will they have a separate "rock star menu?"

Looks like McDonald's is on board with Team Sheen, because last week they tweeted the following, which Charlie Sheen has since retweeted:

Despite all the rumors there r no plans 2 bring #mclobster or mcsushi 2 the US menu. We r working on a new menu item called McWinning.

Wow. Guess you better figure out something fast if you want to compete, Burger King! Maybe it's time to change the name "Whopper" to "Warlock"…at least for now…

Would U eat a McWinning sandwich? Do U think McWinning will be a sandwich??? Do U think it will actually get made?????

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[Image via WENN.]

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Eat Whoppers Instead Of Salads?

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Maybe it’s not a good idea to make that your new diet rule, but in an attempt to create “healthy” menus, restaurants have created a plethora of new salads, some of which are worse for you than a Whopper.

It may seem surprising, but if you were to place a Whopper (670 calories 40 grams of fat) and, let’s say, P.F. Chang’s Chicken Chopped Salad with Ginger Dressing (730 calories, 48 grams of fat) next to each other, it would be easy to see. Sure, the salad has a lot of lettuce, but it’s also topped with a thick layer of chicken, dressing, and pound of other non-lettuce stuff that packs in the calories.

Here are a few of the other big salad offenders:

Einstein Bros' Bistro Salad with Chicken (940 calories, 71 grams of fat)

California Pizza Kitchen's Waldorf Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing (1,570 calories, 30 grams of saturated fat)

Applebee’s Oriental Chicken Salad (1,310 calories, 15 grams of fat, 88 grams of carbs)


In order to avoid these and other caloric monsters, make sure to read exactly what’s on the salad you're ordering and always take the dressing on the side.

[Image via AP Images.]

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