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Ryan Lochte Reaches Nirvana!!

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Let's get it out there right off the bat, shall we? We have no idea why ESPN Magazine has done this photoshoot! None! LOLz!

Apparently they want to make it a thing, though, to photograph sports stars recreating famous album covers, because they keep referring to it as the "first" music edition of the magazine. Still, the idea behind it escapes us, even if the covers ARE pretty faithful!

We just don't think Nirvana would really dig what they've done — with no offense to Ryan Lochte!

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Elvis Presley's Stained Manties To Sell For Thousands


Thousands of what? Thousands of vomit-inducing gag reflexes???

No, but really, this is actually happening.

A pair of disgustingly stained underpants (above) worn by The King himself, Elvis Presley, in 1977 are going up on the auction block, and are expected to fetch

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Lindsay Lohan Is Hole-ier Than Thou In Denim Cut-Offs


Can Lindsay Lohan not afford new pants?

Because, honestly, there's no way that someone actually wants to wear these things.

LiLo was seen exiting out the back door of Make Up For Ever on Wednesday wearing denim cut-off shorts, with holes for days

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Johnny Depp Was 'Miserable' With Vanessa Paradis!

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johnny depp vanessa paradis split break up over reasons why

It's only been a few days after their break-up announcement, but sources are already coming forward with reasons they claim to be the catalyst for Johnny Depp's failed relationship with Vanessa Paradis.

And no, Amber Heard's name doesn't come up… Ha!

According to these insiders:

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Jessica Simpson's TMI Of The Day: "Whenever My Water Breaks, It Will Be Like a Fire Hydrant!"


First it was her overactive sex drive, now it's all about how much fluid she has in her womb.


Extremely and severely pregnant Jessica Simpson was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and revealed some interesting tidbits about her pregnancy in these last few weeks.

First of all

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Lindsay Lohan Just Can't Stay Away From Trouble!!

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Oh honey…

We're asking you - BEGGING YOU - please just stay home.

After a week of ups and downs, including alleged hit-and-runs and completing community service, Lindsay Lohan was back in the spotlight again last night when she was leaving a bar in Hollywood.

(WTF was she doing a bar??)

When the redheaded little minx walked outside to take a smoking break along with Bryan Ferry's son Tara Ferry (above), a nearby pedestrian was hit by

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Mom Spends More Time With Baby Doll Than With Her Own Real-Life Daughter



Real-life mother Ashleigh Kirby spend more time with her £250 'Reborn' baby doll that she purchased online than she does with her real-life daughter, 12-year-old Becky.

Ashleigh spends hundreds on clothes and items for baby Finlay, who btw, IS NOT A REAL HUMAN BEING, in case you were wondering.

She decided to buy the toy online adopt the lifelike newborn baby because she "always thought something was missing" from her life.

After splitting up with her partner, the 36-year-old mom thought she'd never get the chance to have children again and was "too lazy" to adopt a real child.

So why not buy a baby doll on the internet? Makes sense, doesn't it?

Ashleigh describes life with Finlay:

"The dolls are a substitute for me. I am very maternal. I bought Finlay six months ago for £250 from a lady I found online. Half of my bedroom is taken up by his cot and I also have a pram, a car seat and a wardrobe of clothes. He wears a nappy which I change - although not as regularly as you would a real baby.

I'd have liked to have met another man and had a brood of kids, but life didn't work out like that. I considered adoption, but I'm too lazy to go through the process. Real children are hard work - you worry all the time. With Finlay, it's cuddle time all the time. here was an immediate rush of love. Looking at Finlay for the first time, there was a stronger bond than I had with Becky. With Becky, I was so tired after the birth I didn't feel as close to her."

"Real children are hard work." Understatement of the century.

Meanwhile, poor Becky admits to keeping her "brother" a secret from classmates and finds her mom's obsession with a toy "weird."


Beck adds:

"I find it creepy - I don't really understand it. I don't think mum prefers Finlay, but she can't give me all the attention like she used to."

Poor girl. She has to go through life knowing that a piece of plastic will always take precedence over her.

To see more pics of Ashleigh and "Finlay" doing every day normal things! Look below:

[Image via SWNS.com.]

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