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Amazing/Rare Blue Whale Pod Sighting

Filed under: Whales

So Purdy!!

More than a dozen blue whales were sighted in Long Beach, Calie (better than Japan, eh?).

They're the largest animal on the face of the earth. Some of the whales seen here are more than 100 feet long! They'd be scary if they weren't such gentle giants.

Take a moment to zen out with these bigass beauties.

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Giant Kangaroo Attacks 94-year-old Woman

Filed under: Attack!Kangaroo

Poor Things!

A large, rogue red kangaroo has attacked a 94-year-old woman in her garden in Queensland, Australia.

Police had to use pepper spray to overpower an aggressive kangaroo!

The elderly woman told reporters she thought she was going to die as the "red roo," which can jump more than nine meters in one leap, knocked her to the ground and kicked her several times.

Big Reds are one of Australia's largest kangaroo species and males can weigh more than 80kg and stand more than 4'9” tall.

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Two-Headed Snake Fights With Itself

Filed under: JewelSlithering Snakes

Creeps Factory!

A zoo in Ukraine is putting this two-headed snake on display, for two months.

Zookeepers say the snake's two heads think completely independently and don't always see eye-to-eye. (Actually they always see eye to eye… but you know what we mean!)

Watch the video to see the creepy crawler in action.

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Pet Oxygen Masks

Filed under: HealthPets

Love it.

The Denver fire department is not just in the business of saving human lives.

The city of Denver is outfitting dozens of its fire trucks with pet oxygen masks thanks to a donation from a company in Ohio.

They say the masks even work better on pets than human masks work on humans.

So far the pet masks have saved over 100 furry family members!

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Smugglers Caught Shipping 1,800 Lizards Out Of Thailand

Holy shizard!

Rustlers were caught attempting to smuggle roughly 1800 Bengal monitor lizards out of Thailand.

Why would anyone want 1800 lizards? Apparently, they are a popular exotic food in the east.

Yuck! We'll take the mozzarella sticks instead, please!

Check out the video clip above to see what we're talking about!

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Chinese Dog Helps Family Run Errands

Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TrueTeddy HiltonDogAmazing

Not only is this fluffy doggy adorable, but incredibly well trained and helpful!

Check out the video above of a family dog in China that helps them run errands.

Whether it's carrying the groceries or pulling the baby carriage, this wonderdog can do it all!

Teddy's gotta stop his game up! Ha!

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Cutest Cat Burglar You'll Ever See!

Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TrueCuteness!Cat

A quiet neighborhood in San Mateo, California has been burglarized over 600 times over the last couple years and residents say a cat burglar is to blame.

Literally! Ha!

Dusty, a house cat by day and a daring thief by night, leaves his suburban home every evening and returns with stolen items including socks, gloves, and even shoes!

Even kids aren't spared from Dusty's debauchery as he's stolen himself a hefty collection of children's toys.

What's his favorite guilty pleasure? He loves to steal swim suits left out to dry!

Check out this criminally cute story above!

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