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Willow Palin Is A Beauty School Grad!

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willow sarah palin graduates beauty school

Good for her!!

We'd be really bummed out if anyone got on Willow Palin for going into beauty school instead of other more widely accepted professions and schools. Seriously, there's nothing wrong with beauty school, and it's actually a really difficult thing to accomplish!

Plus, families get styled for free! LOLz!

Willow, 18, has a proud mom too — even if she's been a high-profile public figure for a few years now! Here's what Sarah said on Facebook:

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Sarah Palin Plunders Bristol's Wardrobe

We just realized how good Sarah Palin looks in a pantsuit because she was not looking her best on Sunday afternoon.

The conservative political figure was spotted shopping in El Lay with her daughter, Willow, while sporting casual attire that looks as if she ripped it right out of Bristol's closet.

We don't know if its the wedges, jeans or off-the-shoulder cropped top, but this is not the Mama Grizzly we're used to seeing!

If there is one thing we can kind of admire about the 48-year-old, it's how good she looks for her age.

Sure, everyone has their good days and bad days, but we know Sarah can do much better than this ensemble!

[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]

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Stalker Terrorizes Palin Family, Sarah Gets New Restraining Order!

sarah palin files restraining order against stalker


Sarah Palin has gotten a new restraining order against 19-year-old stalker Shawn Christy, who's been harassing and threatening the Palin family.

According to legal docs, Sarah claims that the stalker threatened to rape one of her daughters. She also claims that he's been targeting Willow, and that he's been calling their house and referring to Sarah as a "slut or whore."

Sarah will return to court on Apr 27 in hopes of obtaining a permanent restraining order against Christy.

We're just glad to hear that everybody's okay and that Christy hasn't acted upon any of his threats.

Hopefully he'll respect the restraining order and leave the Palins alone.

[Image via WENN.]

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Kathy Griffin Vows To Keep Talking About Willow Palin

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Some might say it is rather distasteful and unseemly for an adult to target a teenage girl, even in the name of comedy. We wonder if those same people would defend that teenager for posting gay slurs on her Facebook page.

Kathy Griffin is still getting slammed with criticism for her attack on 16-year-old Willow Palin, but that could be because she still hasn't stopped going after Sarah Palin's daughter in her comedy routines.

But if you think that is going to stop anytime soon, you are sadly mistaken. As Kathy's publicist told one source:

"When any public person puts 'your such a f****' on their Facebook wall, they are guaranteed to make it into Kathy's act."

And stay in Kathy's act, we imagine, for a good long while.

We get why Kathy's doing what she's doing, but Willow is still a kid. She's bound to screw up a time or two. Hell, we all do. We're not condoning her language by any means, mind you. We just wonder if maybe the message has already been received.

Still, Kathy's going to do her thing, no matter what any of us say, and if her thing is defending the gay community, we really can't argue.

[Image via WENN.]

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Kathy Griffin Is Taking On Willow Palin In 2011

Kathy Griffin vows to take down Willow Palin in 2011

Despite rumors that Kathy Griffin would not be appearing by Anderson Cooper's side during CNN's New Year's Eve broadcast, she did and she behaved.


Kathy did, however, decide that her New Year's resolution was to take down 16-year-old Willow Palin because of her homophobic slurs in 2010, saying:

"She's called people a fa—t on Facebook a couple of times. You don't throw around the f-word without hearing from me about it."

Uh-oh! Watch out Willow.

She must have it out for the whole family, but we hope it's all in good comedic fun. The comedian joked during the broadcast:

"I've already gone for Sarah, Todd and Bristol obviously, but I think it's Willow's year to go down. In 2011 I want to offend a new Palin."

Kathy also made the resolution to go to church more.

Maybe to pray for forgiveness for making fun of a 16-year-old?

We hold no grudges here! We wish the entire Palin family the best for the new year and hope Kathy isn't too harsh on Willow in stand-up routines to come.

What do U think about Kathy's resolutions?

[Image via WENN.]

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