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Jimmy Fallon Orchestrates The Most INTENSE Game Of Catchphrase Ever With Reese Witherspoon & Usher!

Who knew a friendly game of Catchphrase on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon would be so intense?!

It's just a game! It's not like the Winter Olympics, right Mikaela Shiffrin?? Lolz!

Well, it might have been more intimidating, considering the fact that Usher is there and your partner is Reese Witherspoon, an award winning actress!

We don't know how we'd fare against them, but the young US Winter Olympic gold medalist held her own against these Hollywood heavy weights!

Ch-ch-check out the foursome in a game of Catchphrase (above)! Who knew Jimmy was such a sore winner!

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Ratings Loser! American Idol Fails To Hold Its Own Against The Sochi Winter Olympics!

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tumblr mznxo2mkra1sdffexo2 400

This is not looking too good.

The numbers just continue to dwindle down for American Idol!

AI's 13th season was off to a rough start with an abysmal number of viewers tuning in for its season premiere, despite the fact that Jennifer Lopez returned and Harry Connick Jr. joined the panel alongside Keith Urban!

Now there's this!

Last night, the singing competition was competing against the Sochi Winter Olympics and they did not come out on top. In fact, AI scored its lowest ratings EVER.

So sad!

Sure, it probably had to with the fact that it's the last week of the Sochi games and everyone in the country was glued to their seats watching all the wintery competitions, but surely there's still a big AI fan base out there?!

Maybe it's time to hang up the music stands after 13 good seasons.

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Russian "Lesbian" Pop Duo t.A.T.u. Will Reunite For Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony! Get The Deets On The Surprising Choice HERE!

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tatu all the things she said

Well this is certainly unexpected!!

Russian pop duo t.A.T.u. will be reuniting for their first show since their 2011 split for the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics!

If you're wondering why this such an odd choice, it probably has something to do with

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Canada Has An EPICALLY Hilarious Response To Russia's Anti-Gay Laws At The Sochi Olympics! Watch HERE!

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The 2014 Sochi Olympics might just be starting, but as far as we're concerned Canada is already winning!!

Russia's anti-gay laws have been the big subject of much debate leading into the winter games, but as our neighbors up north have cleverly pointed out, the olympics have always been a tad bit gay!

Take for example, the luge. Do you know of any other sports that involves skintight body suits and so much man-on-man pelvic thrusting??

Yeah, we didn't think so!

Way to go Canada!!

Ch-ch-check out the awesome video (above)!

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USA! USA! USA! 10 Sexiest Athletes Representing The U.S. In The Sochi Olympics!

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John Daly Skeleton racer is a Sochi Olympics U.S. athlete

The 2014 Sochi Olympics are just DAYS away from kicking off, and you all know what that means…

Some of the world's most physically fit men getting all hot and sweaty as they compete for the gold!!

OK, so that might not be the whole point of the winter games, but there are definitely more than a few athletes who caught our eyes! It looks like the U.S. is going to be VERY well represented!!

Seriously, if these hotties don't have you chanting "USA! USA! USA!", well that's just downright un-American!

[CLICK HERE] to see which athletes will be heating things up in Sochi!!!

[CLICK HERE] to see which athletes will be heating things up in Sochi!!!

[CLICK HERE] to see which athletes will be heating things up in Sochi!!!

[CLICK HERE] to see which athletes will be heating things up in Sochi!!!

[CLICK HERE] to see which athletes will be heating things up in Sochi!!!

[CLICK HERE] to see which athletes will be heating things up in Sochi!!!

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Sochi Olympics' Double Toilet Is Horrifying!

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sochi olympics double toilets

Pooping during the Sochi Olympics is OUT OF THE QUESTION if you have stage fright!

If you're comfortable with sharing the stall and pooping with someone else — be it close friend OR stranger — well, then you'll be just fine! LOLz!

Anyway, BBC reporter Steve Rosenberg shared this image of a dual toilet bathroom yesterday while touring the facilities for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia! Nope, no wall, no stall, nuttin' else!

It's weird, for a country with such homophobic tendencies, you'd think pooping so close to another man would be against the rules! LOLz!

The thing is, though, communal toilets (and what we're calling Tandem Pooping) are considered normal and okay to people in certain parts of Russia!

So, while we might find it horrifying… we probably shouldn't make people who live in areas around the world… where it IS normal to poop so close to someone you could shake their hand… feel bad about it!

Poop however you like, we guess!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Canadian Bobsled Team Strips Down To Their Undies In A Very Revealing Pic!

canadian bobsled team posts picture in their underwear

Oh Canada, indeed!!

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi are just weeks away, and the Canadian bobsled team is doing everything they can to prepare to go for gold!

However, it looks like Justin Kripps, Tim Randall, James McNaughton, and Bryan Barnett didn't get the memo that it tends to get pretty cold at these things and forgot their clothes at home!

James took to Twitter to share a beary revealing photo of himself and his teammates in their undies and wrote:

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