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Kat Graham Talks What's Coming Up On The Vampire Diaries!

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We hope you're getting pumped for tonight'a episode, because Bonnie is back — and BIG things are starting to happen!

As Vampire Diaries starts to delve in deeper into the mythology of the Original Family, more is going to be learned about the original line of witches as well, namely Bonnie's ancestors. Stoked to a HUGE storyline coming up, Kat Graham sat down for an in-depth interview to discuss what kind of secrets and twists are down the road for the rest of the season. She talks about Bonnie working with her mother, her truce with Stefan and how her morals as a witchy-witch will affect her relationship with Elena.

Check out the video (above) to hear MORE from Kat about The Vampire Diaries.

That all sounds great … but girl, have we seen that outfit before? We really feel like we've seen it before! And… we think we've seen that chair before too! Is that…could that be…

Is that adirondack chair from Dawson Leery's front yard????

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Vintage Kat Graham!

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This is soooo hot!!!

Exploring a different sound than her more recent songs, Kat Graham got down with the funk with her song Boomkat.

And she made a music video for it too!

Check it out (above)!

Feeling it!!!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Kat Graham!

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It's Britney, Bitch Witch!


Britney Spears may have been taking the stage for her wildly successful Femme Fatale tour across the pond in Londontown, but that didn't stop her from getting into the Halloween spirit anyway!

Check out the pop star with some FESTIVE additions to her concert wardrobe during the show last night, including a Witch's hat and broom (above)!

Hell to the yes, gurl!

Something FIERCE this way comes!


We hope you and your boys had a Happy Halloween!

[Image via Facebook.]

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The Most Popular Costume This Year Is…


While many this year will be dressing up like Lady GaGa, or her alter ego, for Halloween, it seems a lot of people are sticking to the classics.

Turns out the most popular costume this year will be a witch!

According to a National Retail Federation survey,

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New True Blood Promo!

Oh man! It looks like Aunt Petunia from Harry Potter is surrrriously getting in on some of the action!

Check out the latest promo for the fourth season of True Blood, which shows off some more of our beloved Vampire Pam, Sookie Stackhouse and Viking Vampire Eric potential seksi times, and the aforementioned actress Fiona Shaw, who joins this season as one serious bad-ass witch (above)!

Not too much longer of a wait now!

So exciting!

What do U think?? Are U looking forward to season four of True Blood?

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Julianne Moore Returns To Horror, Signs On To New Witch Flick

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julianne moore returns to horror

Sure, she's been wonderful in recent dramatic films like The Kids Are All Right and A Single Man, but isn't it high time she returns to horror?

Previously, Julianne Moore has done her horror thing in Alfred Hitchcock's Gus Van Sant's Psycho, and Silence of the Lambs sequel Hannibal.

Now, Julianne will take another stab at the genre in Seventh Son, a horror story about "a young boy…who is training to be an exorcist in the 1700s." Trouble ensues when he meets the "most evil witch in the world."

More evil than Anjelica Huston in The Witches? Really???

Looks like Jeff Bridges is also signed on to star in the flick, which is comforting. He's such a nice guy, we're sure he won't let anything TOO terrifying happen in this movie…or will he?

Do U think Julianne Moore is right for this role?

[Image via WENN.]

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Casting Call! Kat Graham Needs A Witchy Buddy On Vampire Diaries!

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Last week's killer episode of The Vampire Diaries left us a little shocked and little worried.

With the only two other masters of magic on the show killed off, Kat Graham's character, Bonnie, remains the only witch left in Mystic Falls, leaving her the task of figuring out how to kill Klaus, the big, bad vamp set on coming to town to kill her bestie, Elena.

Ah, but we no longer have anything to fear as it turns out a casting call has gone out for a new witch character named Greta, described as being in her 20s, "African-American, cool, hip, smart. A bit of a thrill-seeker."

As we understand it, Greta is the sister of the now deceased warlock Charlie Sheen Luka, who has long thought to be a captive of Klaus. But if you are a fan of Kevin Williamson's show (and if you're not, we don't know what is wrong with you), you know there is always a twiiist. We don't know exactly what that is yet, but we can't wait to find out!

In the meantime, expect to see Bonnie working her mojo in overdrive in the coming episodes as with her powers restored, she maybe the only person left that can destroy Klaus.

But can she do it alone??? Dum dum dum!!!

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