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Kim Delaney Explains Her Word Vomit!

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Remember when Kim Delaney rambled and stammered all throughout her speech at last September's Liberty Medal Award ceremony?? (Well if U don't, we were super thoughtful and added the video for U above.)

Everyone was thinkin' "uh oh! did her substance abuse problems kick in again??" But later we learned the teleprompter wasn't on his A-game so at least half of it was his fault, right??

Still, that didn't explain the Army Wives star's overall presence which still seemed somewhat incoherent.

But is she embarrassed by it??

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Kim Richards Gets Silly In Hawaii!!

Oooh KIM!!!

You guys… ya gotta watch this clip from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!!!

Kim Richards is just goin' on and on and on… about stuff we're not even sure she's aware of!

It's almost like that time Sarah Jessica Parker had a major case of word vomit on David Letterman!!

Okay, seriously though… this rambling could or could not have been the side effects of the prescription drugs she was taking. Soo.. we're REALLY glad she got some help in the rehab she reportedly entered.

We love her –kookiness and all– wayyy too much for this to go overboard!!

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Deets On Drama Between Matt Damon And Bourne Writer Tony Gilroy

more deets on matt damon tony gilroy drama

Sounds to us like Matt's word vomit actually had quite a bit of meaning behind it!

To recap - last week, Matt Damon slammed Bourne writer Tony Gilroy, and referred to his Bourne Ultimatum script as "unreadable."

Fortunately, he did apologize, and then he opened up further about his plans to possibly

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Sarah Jessica Parker Still Has Trouble Doing Interviews, Rambles On Watch What Happens Live!

First, let us just say that Sarah Jessica Parker looks fabulous here. At least she has that part down!

But her interview skills, while they've become a hell of a lot better since her word vomit fiasco on David Letterman (watch here), they're still less than average.

She's slowed her words down (gooood, goood), but she still rambles on as if she's rehearsed everything she wants to say.

This is further evidenced by her constant need to cut Andy Cohen off so she can finish her monologue.

Andy looks increasingly freaked out.

Oooh, SJP, do you just save all of your verbal eloquence for Carrie Bradshaw??

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Horrendous! Ann Coulter Compares Occupy Wall Street Protestors To Nazis

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You don't have to believe in their cause, Ann, but these comments were BEYOND deplorable!

Check out the video (above) of Ann Coulter speaking with Fox Business' Eric Bolling about the Occupy Wall Street protestors.

During the interview, she compares them to Nazis AND she says that the Democratic party loves mob uprisings.

Just awful! We can only hope that she gets banned from even more shows, so we'll be less likely to be subjected to her word vomit.


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Sarah Jessica Parker Suffers Major Case Of Word Vomit!


It is so uncomfortable watching this!

We've seen her do plenty of interviews before and she actually is VERY calm and collected, so this is just bizarre!

Even when Carrie Bradshaw was her quirkiest, she wasn't this zippy-zappy!

What the hell is going on here, Sarah Jessica Parker?

David Letterman looks like he's in pain!

Was she really nervous? Was she super tired?

Really, how DOES she do it?

Watch it (above) so U can see what we're talking about!

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Megan Fox Repents To Michael Bay!

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Sounds to us like girlfriend is just putting her foot in her mouth now that she's gotten her ass fired!

Megan Fox seems to have realized that calling the director of the franchise that made her famous 'Hitler' in interviews - regardless of how true that may or may not be - probably wasn't the smartest thing for her to do, so she put on her best 'I'm sorry' face and danced around an apology to Interview magazine!

She says:

"In the past, I've been reluctant to share any bits of truth about myself or to really let people in on my reality. So I have said some things to throw people off the scent of what's really going on in my life. So I have sort of aided the media in printing these misconceptions, which I regret."

Sounds to us like sour grapes now that shes not getting a big fat paycheck!!

That being said, we prefer when Miz Foxy has diarrhea of the mouth!

At least then she's interesting! LOLz!


[Image via WENN.]

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