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Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes Share More Than Their Love As They Arrive At The BBC!

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Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes arrive at the BBC

Love is in the air! Or is that rain?

LOLz! Nope! It's definitely both!

Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes of The Wanted have been spotted showing off their love all over the place in London and it's ADORBSIES!

It's nice to know these two aren't letting a cheating scandal bring their vibe down!

We're so happy that meeting the parents went so well! Otherwise we're sure these two would have been donezo!

What a tragedy that would have been!!

Keep up that too cute for words love, you two!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Rihanna Grabs Her Down Under, Shows Up Late, And Slurs Words At Australia Concert!

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gifs animation rihanna rhianna girl smile clap hands large

Hmm perhaps Rihanna had a little too many drinks at a sex show before her concert in Perth, Australia!

According to one critic of her performance, RiRi showed up 40 minutes late to her own concert, and instantly started grabbing her crotch when she came on stage (not the way you're thinking, but ew).

In a review of her show, Jillian McHugh wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald that she wasn't impressed with Rihanna's performance:

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Jennifer Lawrence Shares Her Daddy's Wisdom!

jennifer lawrence dad wisdom words saying advice fathers day

Ah, Father's Day!

Did you know that most, if not all, celebrities have a dad?? Crazy, right??

Well, it's true! And those dads might've even had some wisdom for their pre-famous kids — and hopefully it was good! For Jennifer Lawerence, it was TOTALLY good!

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Darren Criss Debuts Sexy & Sultry New Music On First Night Of His Tour! Watch Here!

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blhmdvvcqael9chjpg large

Dead. We're dead. Our heart gave out. We're just lying here in a pool of happy tears and sweet, sweet breathlessness.

There is new, ORIGINAL Darren Criss music in the world — and nothing hurts!

Last night, the man of our Glee desires kicked off his summer tour in San Francisco, his hometown, and debuted not one, not two, but FIVE brand new tracks that may be coming off his upcoming album!

Did we mention we we're dead!

And here's the best thing about these new songs — and longtime fans, we think you'll agree with us — they are classic Darren sound. Like, take our favorite, Once Upon A Time (which is sure to be a single, if he decides to release it). That has a place on an EP right alongside his earlier work of Human and Sami. Simple melodies, lovely lyrics and a nice spot at the end where he can just tear into the music and rip it to shreds! And rightly so, he's anchored on the ivories, proving his piano status for us all!

In a word — he's electric!

But please, please — don't take our word for it! Check out our new favorite Darren jam and the four others …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Haylor Split: The HURTFUL Words Taylor Swift Allegedly Told Harry Styles…

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harry styles taylor swift break up hurtful words doves

Quick! Duck for cover!

Seriously… we've got a feeling Directioners are about to go APESH*T once they get a load of this drama!

Though we previously heard it was a comment made by Harry Styles that hammered the final nail in the Haylor coffin, new reports reveal the hurtful words Taylor Swift supposedly spewed.

During their hellish fight down in Caribbean, sources say Swifty said:

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Zoe Saldana & Bradley Cooper ENGAGED?!


Did The Words costars and reported lovers Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper get engaged without telling anyone?!

Well, that's what some are claiming, and apparently it's all because of Bradley's mamma Gloria!

One alleged insider reveals:

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Rebecca Black Teases Us With In Your Words

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We know you were wondering, and YES! Rebecca Black is still making sweet music!

The singer has released a teaser of her upcoming video In Your Words, and it's great!

She looks really pensive and writes lots of words down. We’re pretty sure her Friday schedule is jotted down on one of them too! LOLZ!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see the magic!

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