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WWF-Spain Wants To Meet With Spanish King After Elephant Hunt Fiasco

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Someone's got some 'splainin to do!

WWF-Spain has requested to meet with royal authorities after word got out about King Juan Carlos' unfortunate elephant hunting trip.

The public has called for the king's removal as

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Lynx Being Moved To Poland

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The lynx seems to be relocating.

Beginning in February the World Wildlife Foundation will be bringing some of the Lynx population in Estonia over to Poland.

The Lynx population in Poland has been decreasing due to hunting and habitat loss which have reduced their numbers to around only 200!

The Eurasian lynx is now listed on the Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. This means that they are not threatened with extinction at the moment, but will be unless trade is controlled.

Pawel Sredzinski of the WWF explained, "the lynx's survival is at stake in Poland. With the transfer of animals from Estonia, we hope to repopulate the forests and prevent the species from extinction in the country."

We don't want any animals to become extinct. Let's work to help them all!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Leonardo DiCaprio Donates Money For The Tigers

leonardo dicaprio

Leondardo DiCaprio, the sweetheart that he is, donated $1 million to the World Wildlife Foundation to help the tiger conservation.

Leo is a WWF board member and has recently visited Nepal and Bhutan with WWF experts, visiting tiger habitats alongside antipoaching staff, meeting with community members, and learning how WWF scientists monitor the tigers.

The money donated will go to antipoaching efforts and the protection of tiger habitats. Leo clearly cares a lot about this issue, he has said:

"Illegal poaching of tigers for their parts and massive habitat loss due to palm oil, timber and paper production are driving this species to extinction. If we don’t take action now, one of the most iconic animals on our planet could be gone in just a few decades. By saving tigers, we can also protect some of our last remaining ancient forests and improve the lives of indigenous communities."

Along with his donation, Leo has also worked with the WWF earlier this year in raising $20 million for tiger conservation through the Save Tigers Now campaign.

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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As Arctic Ice Melts, Walruses Gather On The Coast

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NatGeo: Walruses Swarm Beaches as Ice Melts

Thousands of walruses have gathered on the coast because of extreme ice melting near a Barrier Island in Alaska.

The walruses use the sea ice as a resting platform between feedings in the ocean. However, according to the World Wildlife Foundation arctic sea ice is at its 3rd lowest level in US history.

A no fly zone has been put into effect in this area because the noise from the aircraft can startle the walruses. When walruses get spooked they often stampede, which is very dangerous, especially because calves and juveniles can get crushed to death by the larger walruses.

This is not good. We hope that this ice stops melting soon!

Let's get these walruses their habitat back!

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Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Involved In Tiger Charity!


Who knew that Leonardo DiCaprio is not only remarkably good looking, but also a friend to tigers everywhere?!

The actor has reportedly met with India's Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh at the Coalition of Rainforest Nations event in NYC to show his support of the World Wildlife Foundation's 'Save Tigers Now' initiative, which strives to preserve the species and help them re-populate around the world!

A source explains:

"The actor met the minister and has expressed his interest to play a crucial role in sensitizing the global community to the cause of the Indian tiger. DiCaprio plans to come to India to be a part of the conservation efforts."


Those big striped furry kitties need all the help they can get, and we think DiCaprio will be a great voice for the cause!

[Images via WENN.]

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