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What Do You Mean You Heard Halle Berry's Been Cut From X-Men: Days Of Future Past? That's Not What Director Bryan Singer Is Saying!

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halle berry not cut from x men movie says bryan singer

Phheeeewww!! We were really worried for a second!!

We reported earlier that, apparently, Halle Berry's role as Storm in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past was going to be cut, basically, from the whole movie and it made us super sad!

Well, the director, Bryan Singer, has taken to Twitter to let the world know whether everyone's worrying has been for naught.

So, what's the verdict?

He said:

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Halle Berry has NOT been cut from the upcoming X-Men film!Halle Berry has NOT been cut from the upcoming X-Men film!Halle Berry has NOT been cut from the upcoming X-Men film!Halle Berry has NOT been cut from the upcoming X-Men film!Halle Berry has NOT been cut from the upcoming X-Men film!

The Anne Hathaway Curse? Jennifer Lawrence Is Thanking Her Lucky Stars She Didn't Catch It By Winning Another Oscar!


Jennifer Lawrence probably let out a huge sigh after she didn't win an Oscar on Sunday…a sigh of relief that is!

Although Katniss HAD to win two Hunger Games back-to-back in order to survive, J.Law was relieved that she didn't walk trip away with another statuette, according to a source:

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Lea Michele Puts On Her Best Fanny Brice While Naya Rivera Steals The Show!

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lea michele fanny brice photo shoot glee

It's about to be a crazy ride!

And we were all just getting used to and loving Rachel and Santana's relationship on the show!

Photos from the upcoming Glee episode, 'Frenemies,' made their way to the internet, and we cannot wait to see how this all turns out!

In December, Lea Michele revealed there's going to be some juicy drama between her character and Naya Rivera's! From the looks of it, Rachel kinda sorta has every right to be worried or mad!

We'd be worried too if someone of equally great talent was our understudy for Fanny Brice! Santana looks like she KILLED her audition to be Rachel's understudy, judging by the pics (below)!

Eek, we would not want to be living in the same household! There would be tension everywhere!

How many more days until Glee comes back to our televisions?!

Ch-ch-check out the pics from 'Frenemies' (below)!

[Image via Fox.]

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Lea Michele is Fanny Brice while Naya Rivera auditions for her understudy!Lea Michele is Fanny Brice while Naya Rivera auditions for her understudy!

Justin Bieber's Mom Wants You To Pray For Him!

justin bieber mom pattie mallette worried pray for him

Pattie Mallette has a lot of reasons to be concerned about her son.

Over the past few days weeks months, Justin Bieber has gotten himself into more trouble than even Taylor Swift could prognosticate!

As usual, when asked about her son's antics, Pattie has to walk on eggshells. But this time she's admitting that her little lamb has lost his way! And she needs help getting him back on the right path! She says:

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Octo-Mom's Own Mother Is Fearful Of Jail Time For Daughter: "It Would Probably Kill Me!"

octo moms own mother is fearful of jail time for daughter it would probably kill me

If we were in her position - we'd be worried, too!

Octo-Mom's own mother Angela Suleman is sick with worry over her daughter's impending felony welfare charges.

And it's mainly because of all fourteen of her grandkids!

Here's what she said:

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Eminem Offers Justin Bieber A Musical Olive Branch! Get The Deets HERE!

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eminem justin bieber musical collaboration invite reaching out worried

Eminem may have taken a little jab or two at Justin Bieber in the past, but he may actually want to help the Boyfriend singer with his future!

According to a source close to the rapper, Eminem hasn't just extended his hand in friendship to the Biebs- he's extended an invitation to come stay with him!

Why? Eminem is worried about Justin and all the trouble he's into. The source says:

"He's really hoping he can sort Justin out. The way he's going he's worried he's going to end up in really bad trouble. He wants to talk him into going to therapy and counseling to deal with the stress of fame in a positive way."

And if just the hangout sesh wasn't enough of an incentive for Justin to hear out his musical elder, Eminem has a secret weapon in his back pocket- music! The source says:

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Anna Paquin Wanders New York City Looking Worried! What's Truely Got Her Blood Boiling?!

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Anna Paquin in NYC looking stressed

Oh, Sookie Stackhouse, what's got you so stressed?

Anna Paquin was spotted on the streets of New York City looking like she was super worried about something! What's the matter, gurlfriend?!

Are you still nervous about the twins health? Did you leave them with your hubby, Stephen Moyer and you're afraid you'll return home to a ruined house?

We hope everything is okay with the True Blood star!

Don't worry about your hubby watching the twins! We're sure that Vampire Bill can TOTALLY handle Poppy & Charlie on his own!

He is a vampire father now, after all!

[Image via PacificCoastNews.]

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Anna Paquin out in NYC looking worriedAnna Paquin out in NYC looking worried