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Prince Harry Is An Inspiration! Launches The Invictus Games For Injured Soldiers!

prince harry launches invictus games for injured soldiers plays volleyball

If you haven't already done so like the rest of us, prepare to fall in love with Prince Harry!

With the 2014 Sochi Paralympics kicking off tomorrow, the royal redhead decided to launch his own version of the inspirational event called The Invictus Games, which will be held for soldiers who were injured in battle!

Harry announced the tournament at the Copper Box in the Queen Elizabeth Park and said the idea came when he witnessed a similar event here in the U.S. called the Warrior Games, and he jokingly said he just HAD to steal it and bring it to the U.K.!

He says:

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One Direction Send Their Love To Wounded Colorado Student In A Video Message

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That's so sweet of them to take time out of their busy schedule for Claire Davis!

After being critically injured by a bullet shot unintentionally at her, the 17-year-old Arapahoe High School student is still being hospitalized and is under a coma.

When the guys of One Direction heard about her condition, they took a couple of seconds to send her well wishes through a video message.

Such a great group of caring lads!

We send our love to Claire and hope she recovers soon!

Take a look at their sweet message to Claire (above)!

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Shooting Leaves 2 Service Members Wounded Near Tennessee Naval Base

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Such needless violence!

Two service members were allegedly shot and wounded this afternoon in a fight that occurred at a Tennessee National Guard Office outside Memphis.

Reportedly, one guard member shot two others following an argument — leaving one wounded in the leg and the other in the foot.

The office rests on property owned by the Navy, which is leased by the Guard. The Navy has personnel and recruiting commands at an adjacent facility in Millington, Tennessee.

According to Navy Mass Communications Spc. 1st Class William Jamieson, the suspect is in police custody, and the victims have been rushed to hospitals. According to reports, they are in non-critical condition.

The suspect has yet to be identified to the public yet, however there are reports that a Navy recruiter had been relieved of duty today and was taken into custody, which could narrow speculation down for those familiar with the base's personnel.

After the shooting, the Navy facility was placed on lockdown, which has since been lifted. We just hope both wounded parties recover quickly.

[Image via Twitter.]

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Santa Monica College Shooting: Multiple Fatalities, Suspected Gunman Reported Dead

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santa monica college shooting one dead four injured man in custody

Ugh!!! This is so unbearably sad!!!

We told you earlier that shots were fired at Santa Monica College today, while the President was nearby, and that several people were injured!!

Several victims were taken to nearby hospitals, some are in critical condition. We're even hearing reports of possible fatalities.

It's unclear exactly what happened, but nearby cars were apparently sprayed with bullets and nearby property was damaged by fire, though it isn't yet certain how those two tragedies are related, if at all.

Police Sgt. Rudy Flores says the shooter is in custody, and injured, but did not speak to the extent of those injuries.

Police took a man into custody who wore all black, with a phrase on the back of his shirt that reading "Life is a Gamble," but it isn't clear whether he is the injured suspect.

Shortly after the shots were fired, school officials went into lock-down mode, canceling final exams and cautioning all students to stay in their classroom.

In a Facebook statement, the college said:

"Due to the shooter situation on the main SMC campus, the college is on lock-down. This means that if you are on campus, stay out of open spaces, stay in doors, lock all doors and do not open the doors until you receive an all clear from college officials.

If you are off campus, do NOT come to campus.

Thank you for your cooperation. Stay tuned for updates."

Schools are supposed to be amongst the most sacred places on earth; our heart breaks whenever something so unfathomably sad like this happens.

Our thoughts our with everyone affected by today's tragedy!

UPDATE: Several sources now confirm the death of multiple victims, and also the death of the main suspect.

The L.A. Times suggests the suspect may have had an accomplice.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Police Possibly Injure Several Bystanders In Pursuit Of Empire Gunman

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empire state building shooting

Here is a full recount of the Empire State Building shooting as we know thus far:

Jeffrey Johnson, a 56-year-old former employee (previously reported as 53) of Hazan Imports was laid off about a year ago.

Disgruntled and still upset, he came back a year after losing his job with the apparent intention of shooting a specific co-worker.

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says Johnson successfully shot his co-worker in the head three times outside of the Empire State Building before fleeing the scene.

A construction worker spotted the suspect fleeing and alerted two uniformed police officers nearby who began to tail Johnson.

The suspect then turned and pulled a .45 caliber pistol on the two approaching police officers, who then opened fire on him.

Nine people were wounded or grazed by gunfire in the crossfire. The mayor and commissioner both said the wounded were possibly caught in the police officers' crossfires.

According to reports, the handgun the gunman had could only hold 8 bullets.

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Two Dead In Empire State Building Shooting; At Least 8 Wounded

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More details are emerging surrounding the Empire State Building shooting that occurred Friday morning in Manhattan.

We now know that two are dead (including the suspect) and at least eight are injured.

In the video above, the scene of the shooting is captured from a helicopter flying overhead. (NOTE: This is not a video of the actual attack.) And as we reported earlier, the streets are now closed 5th Avenue and 34th Street.

The gunman was said to be a disgruntled employee of the building, and now there are more reports coming forward that suggest the suspect's anger was caused by a co-worker dispute.

So far, there is no link to terrorism.

We'll keep you updated as more information comes forward.

You're in our thoughts, #NYC. We support you.

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Dog Reunited With Wounded Soldier Who Rescued Him Overseas

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Donny Eslinger was a soldier in Afghanistan.

One day, he found a tiny little puppy wandering the streets and bought him for three cigarettes.

After him carrying out in his backpack, the two were inseparable, sharing their meals together and living back at Donny's checkpoint.

Then one day, Donny was caught in a mortar blast and received a puncture wound to the chest, head injuries, several broken ribs and lost his spleen.

When he was rushed to a military hospital to undergo life saving procedures, his dog, Smoke, was left behind!

Eventually Donny was moved back home and received a purple heart from President Obama.

He is now recovering at a hospital in Maryland.

After five months of trying, his fellow soldiers were able to finally get Smoke back to the US.

So Donny's dad surprised him with a visit to the hospital, and brought a special friend with him.


His dad said:

"This dog Smoke will help him heal even faster. He's a strong kid and he's done remarkably well."

Donny is expected to make a full recovery.

Yay! Happy ending!

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