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New York Congressman Tells Reporter He Will "Break [Him] In Half Like A Boy" & Cameras Caught It All!! Watch HERE!

Oh WOW! Talk about taking it too far!

A reporter for NY1, Michael Scotto, wanted to ask Rep. Michael Grimm of NY a question about his shady campaign finances after the State of the Union address and it turns out that was NOT the question to ask.

So, instead of politely declining the question, Grimm decided to verbally threaten Scotto by telling him he would "break [him] in half like a boy."


Watch (above) as he threatens the reporter in a pretty scary verbal assault!

AND in case you couldn't hear the conversation in the video, it went as follows:

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Kate Gosselin Gets Humiliated By Her Twins Cara And Mady In Most Cringe-Worthy Today Show Interview EVER!!

We read what Kate Gosselin's 13-year-old twin daughters Cara and Mady had to say about their parents in a very revealing interview with People magazine recently, however during a Today show interview this morning, they certainly clammed up!

And, that's when things got weird! And uncomfortable! And just downright cringeworthy!!

When Savannah Guthrie turns to Mady and asks her how she and her sister are doing, Mady goes silent. But, what makes things even more awkward is when Kate calls her out on it, she snaps her fingers, which then prompts one of the deadliest looks a teenage girl could give her mother.

It's a minute and a half of just pure agonizing uncomfortableness that we never want to experience again.

Oh boy, we bet those girls got a tongue-lashing from Kate after THAT experience!! Talk about HU-MIL-I-A-TION!!

Watch it all go down (above)!!!!

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Eva Longoria's Boobies Pop Out Of Her Life Vest To Say Hello!

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Eva Longoria shows off her cleavage in life vest while on vacay!


Nothing sexier than a woman pretending to wear a child's floating device!

We never thought we'd say such a weird thing, but when you see thE crazeballz cleavage Eva Longoria has going on, you're gonna want to look closer! And, did we mention that she's also wearing a tiny bikini?? Because SHE IS!

She's currently on holiday in an undisclosed, however, very sunny locale, celebrating with close friends! But, just call us Smuckers 'cuz we're so JELLY anyway!


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EXCLUSIVE! Naughty Boy & Sam Smith Turn Up The Fire With Their Performance Of La La La!!!

We loved the regular version of this song, but this acoustic one just smashes it outta the park. It's pure fire!

Naughty Boy came in to PerezHilton.com for an EXCLUSIVE performance of his song, La La La featuring Sam Smith, and we are STILL taking it all in!

These two absolutely KILL the performance!

La La La is out now and available on iTunes!


Ch-ch-check out the performance (above)!!!

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Max George And Nina Agdal Compare Sexy Selfies To Show Their Love!

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Max George and his girlfriend Nina Adgal shared competing fitness snaps of their hawt bods!

Wow, what an insanely hot couple!

They must just have the hottest sex like all the time!

The Wanted's Max George and his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend Nina Adgal are both pretty dang fit.

We already saw their super sexified bods while they were taking a sandy stroll down the beach in Barbados!

We guess they felt like they didn't share enough of their rockin' bods while on vacay so they took to twitter to share more snaps and seksi selfies!

Max shared a hot shot of himself flexing after a good workout… just look at those muscles! Ow ow!! He looks so cray-z fit!!

But Nina couldn't let her man top her (outside of the bedroom LOLz!) so she shared a seksi snap of her own.

She's wearing tiiiight shorts and a crop top, letting her tight tummy hang out.

They're both in such good shape because they're happy, healthy and in love!

Thanks for sharing the snaps, you two!

P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!

P.P.S. CLICK HERE to "like" Perez on Facebook!

[Image via Max George/Nina AdgalTwitter.]

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Chief Keef Shovels Horse Poo For Fun Community Service

Chief Keef shovels horse doo doo for community service! Ewwww!

Chief Keef is no stranger to legal issues.

His name implies he's a user of the hardcore street drug "Marijuana" and he's also the chief or king of it.

Kinda makes sense the king of doing drugs would find himself on the wrong side of the law.

Lucky for him, he's only gotta do community service (60 hours) after being arrested for speeding.

Wow! He must've been going crazy fast!

So where is he completing his community service??

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Super Cute Weasel Won't Let His Owner Play Computer Games!

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Wow, let us just start by saying we never knew weasels could be so disgustingly cute!

This tiny little guy gives us cuteness tingles all over.

He's like a living cat toy!! With sharp little fangs!!

We'd totally let this little dude distract us!

Even if we were really trying hard to play computer games, like his owner.

Weasel Fight sounds like a more fun game than any computer game anyway.

Check out the video (above) to watch a super cute weasel play fight his owner's hand.

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