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Nicollette Sheridan's Lawsuit Against Desperate Housewives To Go To Trial!

desperate housewives lawsuit continues

All the drama surrounding this TV show could be a show in and of itself!

As a reminder, it was around a year ago that Nicollette Sheridan filed a $20 million lawsuit against ABC and the creator behind Desperate Housewives Marc Cherry for sex discrimination and wrongful termination. As we mentioned last month, she claimed that she was struck by Marc in the face and that her character was killed off the show just so she could be fired.

Former staff writer Lori Kirkland Baker had come forward to back up Nicollette, but of course ABC countered Baker's testimony.

Now, Judge Elizabeth Allen White of L.A. County Superior Court has given Nicollette's lawsuit the OK to go to trial in June.

Nicollette's assault/sexual harassment charges against Marc Cherry were dismissed, but she was given approval to move forward with her lawsuit seeking damages for "wrongful termination and unlawful retaliation."

Hmm…MIGHT wanna consider trying to settle with Nicollette, ABC. Just sayin'!

Whose side are U on? Team ABC/Marc Cherry or Team Nicollette?

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It's On! Judge Lets Nicollette Sheridan Sue Desperate Housewives' Creator For $20 Million!!!


Hooray! Nicollette Sheridan is taking her Desperate Housewives apple and chucking right through Marc Cherry's window today!

Judge Elizabeth Allen White has granted the former Desperate cast member permission to sue the Men's Warehouse pants right off her old boss for alleged assault and battery, gender violence, wrongful termination and discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation and age! She's after $20 million!

Marc's lawyers tried to sway the judge by asking Nicollette's lawyers to clarify the discrimination portion of her complaint, but she wasn't having it. (Obviously, she agreed that the show tanked for a good season and half once her character met her demise!)

Get ready to see an EPIC Hollywood showdown with this one. ABC will come in with guns a'blazin', while Nicollette will wear a tasteful yet uber stylish court attire. Maybe we'll even get to hear a testimony or two from some of her former costars.

Screw the next season of Housewives! Put the cameras in this courtroom!!!

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Nicollette Sheridan Amends Desperate Lawsuit!


Not by much, but the additions are pretty revealing.

Last April, Nicollette Sheridan filed a lawsuit against Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry on charges of wrongful termination, assault and battery, and discrimination. The claim is seeking $20 million from Marc Cherry and the ABC network, but this week, there were some amendments to the lawsuit.

When the news of this lawsuit first broke, ABC quickly and swiftly responded to Nicollette's claims by releasing a statement in which they said:

"We investigated similar claims last year by Ms. Sheridan and found them to be without merit."

Marc and ABC execs reportedly told others that the "incident" in which Marc smacked Nicollette was merely a rehearsal of a scene involving a slap.

The new amendments to Nicollette's lawsuit confirm that this was the exact excuse that ABC gave her when she asked them to look into her complaint. The response she got from Executive Vice President of ABC Studios, Howard Davine, said that "Marc (Cherry) simply gave her a light tap on the side of her head for the sole purpose of providing direction for a scene they were rehearsing."

Right, because you were there!

Then, ABC decided to take no further action and close the investigation, informing Nicollette that "we will finish off the season in the spirit of professionalism and courtesy that has been the normal course for Desperate Housewives."

She was fired two months after that. So much for professionalism.

On top of that, the studio insisted that she put on a happy face and talk to the press as if nothing had happened to force her departure behind the scenes, which is why it took her this long to come forward about her mistreatment.

If it's all true, we hope she nails them and nails them good! But it is a "he said, she said" kind of case and the only way for her to win, we think, is if one of the other ladies comes forward to defend her.

Do the right thing, ladies! Let's see what kind of loyalty you have towards one another!

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ABC Wants To Settle With Nicollette Out Of Court!


This sounds pretty shady to us!

ABC execs are reportedly willing to give Nicollette Sheridan what they're calling a "peace package" to sway her from going forward with her $20 million wrongful termination lawsuit against her Desperate Housewives boss, Marc Cherry!

Apparently, Sheridan's lawyers have made it clear that they will subpoena the cast and crew of the hit series to give evidence in favor of the actress if the case does go to court, and the network desperately does not want that to happen!

We wonder why! What are you guys afraid will come out if people have to testify under oath?

According to a source:

"Our legal team is working to get both sides together to see if they can help ­broker a compromise. This doesn't mean that anyone is going to hand Nicollette $20 million to drop her action and walk away but there are various incentives that might be put on the table."

What do U think?? Will Nicollette settle or is this only going to get uglier in court??

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Steven Seagal Harassed Jenny McCarthy Too!

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What a scumbag!

Jenny McCarthy revealed in an interview with Moveline magazine back in 1998 that she was harassed by Steven Seagal during a casting call for Under Siege 2.

Jenny said:

"I go inside Seagal's office, and he's by himself and says, 'Sit on my couch. Then he said, 'Take off your dress.' I just started crying and said, 'Rent my Playboy video, you asshole!' and ran out to the car."

It's also been reported that NINE other women told Penthouse magazine about Seagal sexually harassing them back in 1998.

Why haven't these allegations been taken seriously until now?!

Kayden Nguyen is currently suing him for sexual harassment, illegal trafficking of females for sex, failure to prevent sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination and false representation about employment. She wants over $1 million!

Also, his reality show Steven Seagal Lawman has been shelved since the scandal with Nguyen broke.


And we hope he gets what punishment he deserves this time!

[Image via AP Images.]

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