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New GPS Uniform Texts Parents When You Skip School

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New GPS Uniform Texts Parents When You Skip School

Big Brother Mother is watching you!

Kids in Brazil that like to skip class are super screwed. The city of Vitoria da Conquista is requiring that all 43,000 students attending their 213 public schools wear uniforms with location micro chips. It's kinda like the micro chip you give your doggie.

The smart uniforms sends a text message to parents when their child enters school grounds and when they're late to class.

This may seem awesome for the parents — but it certainly has its down side.

Now that the parents are totes aware of their kid's attendance, if their little angels continue to skip, the Brazilian CPS comes after their care takers.

Do U think Americans should use these uniforms??

[Image via WENN.]

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Oh No! The Boy With Pink Hair Was Suspended For Looking Different

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It sounds like these school officials could use a copy of our book, The Boy With Pink Hair!

Just like the boy from our book, Brianna Moore was ostracized for her pink hair. Only, it wasn't the other students that gave her trouble!

The honor roll student tried to dye her hair red, but it came out pink. She was subsequently sent home for violating the uniform policy of the school, only natural color hair is allowed.

After standing up to the school her suspension has been lifted and she's returned to school…with pink hair :) LOVE IT!

Watch The Girl With Pink Hair (above)!!

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High School Principal Appears To Have Been Fired For Being Gay

High School Principal Appears To Have Been Fired For Being Gay

What is wrong with the world???

Police actually had to be called up to control the crowd of pissed parents and students after it was announced that Cynthia Davis, a popular principal at Paradise Valley High School in AZ, had been fired.

The parents had no idea why the board had voted 5-0 not to renew Davis' contract, but now it's become clear that it had something to do with Ms. Davis' sexual orientation.

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Homeless Mom Gets 12 Years In Prison For Trying To Get Her Kid Educated

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Messed up!

A homeless mother faces up to 12 years behind bars for "stealing" education for her son!

Tanya McDowell (the sad looking woman above) says she signed her 6-year-old son up at a public school in Norwalk because she moved around between the cities of Norwalk and Bridgeport CT.

The Norwalk school district says that she didn't technically live in Norwalk, which, according to the district, means she thieved $15,000 in educational services.

$15,000?! Who knew a first grade education at a public school was so pricey?

Either way, the judge agreed with the school. Because of her educational theft and other charges agist her, McDowell was sentenced to 12 years in prison. She also has pay the city of Norwalk $6,200 for the glue, construction paper and tiny scissors she used.

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Virginia School District Wants To 'Protect' Students By Banning ‘Cross-Gender Dressing’

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Virginia School District Wants 'Protect' Students By Banning ‘Cross-Gender Dressing’

A Virginia school district is considering banning freedom of expression cross-gender dressing.

Why? Cause cross-dressing leads to bullying and/or murder. Seriously, that is their reasoning!

They say a dress code that prohibits students from wearing clothing "not in keeping with a student's gender" will benefit the students because it:

"causes a disruption and/or distracts others from the education process or poses a health or safety concern."

We see how clothes (or anything) not considered normal could be a distraction — but how can an outfit effect one's "health and safety"?

School board members say this ban will help protect the kids from "killings and suicides tied to bullying in other parts of the country." The Board's self-righteous Vice Chairwoman says she is more concerned about the safety of the district's 14,000 students than civil rights.

Okay! We get it now!

Instead of punishing the students that would bully someone till they committed suicide or a student that might KILL ANOTHER STUDENT because of their clothes, they want to punish the would-be victim. WTF????????

The school shouldn't be trying to protect students from each other — they should be teaching (Gasp!) them that cruelty and hatred is WRONG!

If they are so worried about the way kids dress they should give ALL the students a uniform.

It's not right keep certain students from expressing themselves, while giving others complete freedom.

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