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The Movie With The Most F*ck Ups This Year Was …

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X-Men: First Class. Something to be proud of team!

According to MovieMistakes.com, the X-Men prequel flick has a documented 24 errors strewn throughout the film. Examples of such blunders include an actress's hairstyle changing mid-scene (bad January Jones!), a wrongly-dated Nazi coin and

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Guess Who Makes A Surprise Cameo In X-Men: First Class?!

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Check out which actor from the previous X-Men films makes a surprise appearance in X-Men: First Class, which opened today…AFTER THE JUMP!

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Seven Sneak Peeks At X-Men: First Class!

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This is going to get all you guys so stoked!

We've got a whopping seven new clips from X-Men: First Class to share with you today, all of which are, in a word, INTENSE!

We've got January Jones being badass, Kevin Bacon causing trouble and James McAvoy taking our breathe away! (Cue Berlin!)

Check out the first clip of the new class (above) and then venture to the jump to see the rest.

Thoughts? Does it look incredible to U so far?

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The X-Men: First Class Start To Train

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We're only a week away from seeing the entire movie, but here is another trailer for X-Men: First Class which shows Professor Xavier teaching his first students how to use their powers.

Even though we've seen these clips in just about every other trailer the studio has released so far, this still gets us pretty excited to finally see how it all began.

Check out the newest trailer above!

Will U be in line on opening day to see X-Men: First Class?

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We May Know Who Impregnated January Jones

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Sorry, Jason Sudeikis. You are NOT the father.

These days, Mad Men star January Jones is eating for two, as she is pregnant with her first child, due this fall. There is an air of mystery around this particular pregnancy as no one is quite sure who the father could be. Many have specualted, no one has been confirmed. However, we have a new name to toss into the rumor mill that we have a strong feeling might actually turn out to be the baby daddy.

Follow us on this:

January announced she was preggers late last month. From the look of her, we'd say she isn't much more than 5-6ish months along. What was she doing around that time? Filming X-Men: First Class! Therefore and to wit, it is a strong possibilty that someone from the gang had a hand (so to speak) in making January's bun in the oven.

Our top choice for you consideration? Michael Fassbender.

He's dark, handsome, good bone structure - all the things ladies look for in a man they want to have a one night stand babies with.

Possible? Probable? What do U think?

[Image via WENN.]

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