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X Factor Finale Gets 31% Ratings Boost!!



The X Factor finale got a huge ratings boost during its finale night on Thursday, getting a 31% ratings increase!

Sure, most of the other networks were airing reruns, but the show still got 12.4 million total viewers, which is pretty, pretty impressive!

The reality competition show will DEF be back for a second season.

Did U watch the finale?? Thoughts on the winner??

[Image via WENN.]

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And The Winner Of X Factor Is….


We finally made it to the end!

It was between Josh Krajcik, Melanie Amaro, and Chris Rene on last night's X Factor finale.

So, who won the $5 MILLION recording contract???

Find out AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Josh Krajcik Was Intimidated By Alanis Morissette During X Factor USA Finale Duet Performance!

Who could blame the guy? Alanis is kind of a big deal!

Last night, Josh Krajcik performed a duet of Uninvited with rock icon Alanis Morissette…and he was pret-ty nervous about it.

Here's what Josh had to say about it:

"I love the song Uninvited. It's dark. It's haunting. It's beautiful. It's desperate. It's a pain-filled love song. I love songs like that. And man, she can sing. I don't even know what to say."

And here's what Josh had to say about Simon calling him out for being nervous:

"When he said, 'You were a little intimidated,' well, duh! He was right. I was."

And more from Josh on the awkward ending to their duet performance:

"I got weird. It wasn't her fault. I was confused. I thought we were leaving. I weirded it out. She's probably like, what was that? I didn't know what to do because it was such a big moment for me. I was nervous. I never get nervous, but I was because she's so prolifically amazing!"

Don't beat URself up over it, Josh! It was still a solid performance!

P.S. CLICK HERE to view all the X Factor USA finale duets from last night!!!!!

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Simon Cowell Says Melanie Amaro Should Win X Factor USA! And We Agree!!!

simon cowell thinks melanie amaro will win x factor usa

After her stellar performance from last night, who WOULDN'T want Melanie Amaro to win???

Following last night's performance episode of X Factor, Simon Cowell was asked who he thinks will come out on top after the finale.

Here's what he had to say:

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The Only 4 X Factor Performances You Need To Watch Are THESE!

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17 acts performed on X Factor U.S.A. last night, and - unfortunately - almost all of them underwhelmed! Except these four!

We're gonna call it now!

THESE will be the top 4 finalists on U.S. X Factor this season!

Our favorite two acts were 14 year old rapper Astro and country pop girl group Lakoda Rayne (both above)!

Why are those two our favorites?

Because they've got the whole package! They've got that special "X" factor! AND, very important to us, we think they can then go on and be competitive! They'd work in the landscape of current music! We think they'd sell records, sell tickets to shows and could get real radio play!

They'd be RELEVANT!

Astro has got mad skills! And he's only 14! The rapper showed no signs of nerves as we was the first act up to perform last night! His performance was that of a pro beyond his years! He totally killed it with Jump! And we think this Brooklyn boy can appeal to a very wide demographic!

He's got it going on!

Tied for our favorite act of the evening was Lakoda Rayne, who not only harmonized beautifully and sounded amazing, but they already looked the part of superstars! WOW! Like four Carrie Underwoods! It's hard to believe they've only known each other a few months and were put together by the show at X Factor boot camp! Their performance of Come On, Eileen was flawless!

We see them being very successful in the country world and possibly/hopefully crossing over to pop too!

Even though Astro and Lakoda Rayne were our two favorites, that doesn't mean one of them will win the show. X Factor is still a TV program and there's lots of other variables at play!

The two other contenders we think could win and will make the top four are Drew Ryniewicz and Melanie Amaro.

Drew gave a beautiful performance of What A Feeling. It's a hard song to sing for a 14-year-old and especially with that slowed down arrangement, but she brought warmth and nuance to her interpretation!

She will do quite well on the show! We're just not sure how well she will do AFTER the show.

And as for Melanie, she gave a very solid performance last night - even though she hit a couple of really bad notes. It was a redemption story, as she had been voted off but Simon brought her back - and we and he are glad they gave her another chance!

Melanie clearly has a GREAT voice, but we weren't sure she was a star! She did a very good job at convincing us she could be last night! An audience favorite, she will do very well in the show!

And those are our top 4!

Do U agree?????

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