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Kanye West Is Cool With Drake Signing With Jordans, But He Still HATES Nike!!

kanye west is ok with drake signing a deal with nike

Kanye West might officially be an Adidas man, but he still has some beef with Nike!!

As we've previously mentioned, Yeezy had a VERY lucrative with the footwear giant, however, they had a HUGE falling out after they allegedly refused to pay him royalties for a shoe line!

Well, shortly after they cut ties with the rapper, they moved on and signed Drake to a deal with Jordans, and we had a sneaking suspicion that 'Ye might have something to say about the partnership!

Well Kanye DID speak out about the deal, but he

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Kanye West Premieres Final Version Of Black Skinhead Music Video On Website!

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kanye west black skinhead video 0 600x400jpgpagespeedic59prh8qeyp

Kanye West was probably mad enough to exhale a long "Yeeeeeezus" when an unofficial version of Black Skinhead's music video was leaked.

However, Ye has finally come out with the final, official, and authentic video, releasing it on his website at midnight of last night.

The music video is super interactive, allowing users to control the pace of the song. Who doesn't like an 11 minute Kanye song that makes Yeezus' voice sound demonic?!

It even lets you take pictures of his hot, shirtless CGI body portrayed by Andy Serkis.

CLICK HERE to watch the official music video and let us know what you think!

[Image via Def Jam Recordings.]

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Kanye Surprises Britney & Nicki Fans At Nassau Coliseum!!!

Just listen to them go! They're losing their minds over him!!!

Last night, Kanye West surprised the crowd in Uniondale, NY when he joined Nicki Minaj on stage for some Monster lovin'!

Check out the video (above) to watch Ye tear up the song and bring down the house all before Britney even made an appearance!

HAWT!!! Nothing but gooood stuff over here!

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Jeff Zucker Couldn't Get Kanye West For Son's Bar Mitzvah

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But it wasn't for lack of trying - it was lack of funds!

A boy's bar mitzvah is a special day in that young man's life and he deserves for it to be a very memorable day. However, it doesn't have to be a day that costs your dad $1 million dollars for the entertainment, even if your day is Jeff Zucker, former NBC CEO.

Jeff's son had really wanted Kanye West to play at his party on Friday night, but had to settle for Drake when Ye insisted he be paid $1 million dollars for the gig and his father turned the offer down. Still, even without Kanye's melodies, the night was a huge success. We hear Drake was pretty incredible, the food was "tremendous" and as the guest left the swinging back at the Four Seasons, they were each given customized Converse sneakers as party favors.

Sure beats the hell out of LaffyTaffy and sticker books!

[Image via WENN.]

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Alternate Video for Kanye's All Of The Lights !

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Ch-ch-check out the alternate video for Kanye's All Of The Lights above!!

The song is the same, still features Rihanna and Kid Cudi, but the video is different!

Pretty great, but we still like the first version better.

What do U think? Which do U like better??

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Remember When GaGalicious Was Gonna Tour With Kanye?

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Yeah, we were pretty bummed when that fell through too, even more so now that we see what it would have looked like!

The photos you see above are shots taken of the stage design planned for Kanye West and Lady GaGa's almost Fame Kills tour as well as a promotional shot of the two. Some of this may look a little familiar to you and rightly so. The remains of the Fame Kill tour were collected and reimagined for some of Ye's latest work, like his film Runaway and his performance for Power at the BET Awards this past year.

The idea behind this staging was to get as many fans on the floor and up close to the action as possible. The stage was supposed to spread the entire width of the floor and at the show's opening, GaGa would've been at one end and Kanye at the other. As the show progressed, they would've moved across the stage until they and their music collided at the center. Apparently, there were some big plans for some killer remixes of their songs. (That's the thing we think we would've liked the most!)

Obviously, you can see that it would have been an impressive evening of entertainment from two of the best performers of our time. Sad that it never came to be, but as one Justin Bieber keeps singing - never say never!

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Yeezy & Weezy Team Up In The Studio (Supposedly)

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What's this now?!

According to sources who were at the Young Money studios on Sunday Night, Lil' Wayne and Kanye West were in house together, possibly laying down a track…together!

The spies wouldn't say exactly what the two were working on, but it would be a solid guess to say that they might have been working on a track for Wheezy's upcoming album.

'Ye is just all over the place these days! Collaborating and making great music with just about everyone! We can't wait to hear what this mysterious meeting was all about!

Fill us in, fellas!

[Image via WENN.]

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