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James Franco Instagrams His ADORBZ Kitty Cat

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James Franco

James Franco is a biiiig cat fan!

Don't believe us? Check here, here and here for references.

So it wasn't a big surprise when he instagrammed a pic (above) of his pretty kitty and wrote:

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Whitney ­Houston Got Sensual With Michael Jackson's Monkey Bubbles???

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Whitney ­Houston Got Sensual With Michael Jackson's Monkey, Bubbles

Poor Bubbles!!

In a documentary bout Michael Jackson that's set to premiere UK on October 24, documentarian David Gest remembers a the night Michael's famous monkey ­Bubbles took things to the next level with Whitney Houston.

He says:

“Whitney was having dinner with Michael at his Neverland home when she accidentally dropped her knife under the table. While Michael was retrieving it for her, Whitney felt her toes being sucked. She moaned, ‘Michael, is that you? Don’t stop. That’s so sensual’. Yet Michael’s head popped up and her toes were still being sucked. It turned out it was Bubbles.”


If there was ever a prefect example of why not to do drugs it's this girl!

[Image via WENN / Channel 4.]

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Hillbilly Handfishin' Animal Planet's New Show

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The fabulous and frigg'n ridiculous sport of noodling is finally coming to TV!!

It appears that in each episode some poor yuppy gets a taste of the redneck lifestyle by going through the paces of noodling catfish - led by authentic hillbillies!

Hillbilly Handfishin' premieres August 7th, 10PM EP on Animal Planet.

We. Can. Not. Wait.

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Real Life Winnie The Pooh

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Real Life Winnie The Pooh

Oh bother!

A pooh black bear is back in the woods in Tennessee after getting help with a problem – a jar stuck on its head.

State wildlife officers looked for the bear for three weeks after reports he was caught in the jug. The Knoxville News Sentinel said the male bear was roaming around Newport, in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.

On July 17, a wildlife officer was checking another report of the bear when the animal ran in front of her vehicle. Hammonds fired a tranquillizer dart and the bear collapsed in downtown Newport.

The bear weighed just 115 pounds, about half its expected weight. It was released into the Cherokee National Forest.

Wildlife officials believe the bear got into the jar while foraging through honey garbage.

[image via Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency]

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4 Teens Attacked By A Bear During Wilderness Survival Course

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Brown bear attack

That's a scary class!

A brown bear and her cub mauled a group of teenage boys participating in a survival skills course deep in the Alaskan wilderness Sunday.

Two of the teens, participating in a survival skills course, suffered life-threatening injuries, Alaska State Troopers said in a press release, and two had injuries that were labeled "serious, but non-life-threatening."

The spokeswoman for the state police said those four are in critical condition, while three others had minor injuries or exposure-related issues. She added:

"They were mauled, very severely. It was truly an emergency situation."

Between ages 16 to 18 and from all around the country, the boys said that they followed protocol in calling out to warn the bears and carrying bear spray, according to the wilderness program.

[Image via WENN.]

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13.7-Foot Crocodile Murder Suspect

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13.7-Foot Crododile Murder Suspect

Who wants to interrogate the suspect?

A 13.7-foot saltwater crododile was captured alive in the Philippines on Monday and will be examined to determine if it killed a fisherman last month.

The male crocodile had to be tied, blindfolded and carried by more than 10 men. It was estimated to weigh up to 770 pounds!!

The crocodile was caught near where the man's partial remains were found in the Bataraza township of western Palawan province.

Wildlife workers only catch "problem crocodiles" but generally leave crocodiles in their natural habitat.

It will be induced to vomit to see if its stomach contains human tissues, though it might be too late to know for sure whether the croc killed the man.

RIP Captain Hook!

[Image via WENN.]

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Snakes Rats On A Plane!

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rats on a plane

If you aren't afraid of flying already, this might get cha!

A flight crew checking the cabin of a Qantas (Australian) plane before takeoff found RATS in a compartment filled with medical equipment, Thursday.

Because of the rats the plane was grounded for more than a day.

A Qantas spokeswoman called the incident "very unusual," adding, "This is a very irregular occurrence."

But the Transportation Workers Union disagree. They told Australian radio on Thursday that members have had concerns about hygiene and sanitation on Qantas flights.


If you're flying to Australia we suggest you fly Oceanic Airline. (hehe.)

[Image via WENN.]

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