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Jennifer Aniston Celebrates Yogalosophy Book Launch At SELF Magazine Event!

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jennifer aniston self magazine celebration for yogalosophy(1)

Sooo beautiful!

Jennifer Aniston has always had a seksi bod, so when she was invited to attend the launch of Mandy Ingner's book, Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover, she showed up and made sure she looked drop dead gorgeous!!

The Wanderlust actress dressed up in a black peplum dress that put her incredible arms and toned legs on display at the SELF magazine event, and we couldn't ask for anything more.

At 44 years old, Aniston is still a bombshell, and we wouldn't be surprised if she credits yoga for her wonderful physique!

Ch-ch-check out the hottie (below)!

[Image via Daniel Tanner/WENN.]

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How Jennifer Aniston's Yoga Teacher Keeps Her In Movie Star Shape

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Jennifer Aniston Yoga Instructor

A recent survey has revealed that 65% of the women in America wish they had Jennifer Aniston's abs.

Well ladies, that toned tummy didn't appear over night. In fact, it's the result of working out for 22 long years with El Lay yoga instructor Mandy Ingber!

The successful teacher created and coined her "yogalosophy" by combining traditional yoga poses with calisthenics to increase body strength and flexibility.

In the interview below, Mandy not only discusses what it's like working with Jen, but what it takes to get a body like hers — motivation, dedication, and hydration!

What pose is hardest for Jen?

“It may be plank. I hear her grunt with that one sometimes. Or bringing the knee to the forehead from downward-facing dog—the moves that really engage the core.”

What poses does Jen like the most?

“She likes sun salutations. Those are good for her arms. And she loves balancing poses. She’s very focused and graceful. She could stay in tree pose longer than I could! She’s learned how to stay focused amid a bunch of other stuff happening.”

How are celebs like Jen different when they practice yoga?

“They’re not. There’s no secret. Everyone has to heat up and sweat through it. I’m not here to feed spirituality. I’m no guru, and I don’t see myself as that. Spirituality is highly personal. But what I do with celebs is motivate to keep their workouts going. People need motivation on a daily basis.”

What’s different about your approach to yoga?

“It’s light-hearted and open-minded. I don’t take it too seriously. Life is hard enough—exercise is hard enough! Yoga is detached in a way. It shows you that you shouldn’t let things bother you too much.”

How should you prepare for a hot yoga class?

“Hydration is key. Coconut water or Emergen-C, the vitamin drink mix, are full of electrolytes to fuel the body and have nutritional value but won’t give you that full-stomach feeling, which can make it hard to practice yoga.”

I’ve seen people suddenly explode into tears or laugh like hyenas in classes. What’s that about?

“Yoga can trigger a hit and release sensation. We hold a lot in our bodies. When we get physical and start moving, old stuff comes up to be released. That’s part of the purification process. That’s part of the transformation. We all feel so much better after. The real teacher is your body.”

[Image via WENN.]

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Jennifer Aniston's Yogalosophy

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Jennifer Aniston

Ever wonder how Jennifer Aniston manages to look so good ALL the time?

The actress' yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber, believes Jennifer's commitment to a healthy lifestyle not only keeps her body lookin' good, but her career too! In a recent interview, the El Lay based instructor shared:

“Jennifer continues to dominate the acting world for the most part, because her fitness and health is still very much at the top of her agenda. Women like Jennifer are fairly healthy too, so it's just a part of their lifestyle choice. She looks amazing. She's so comfortable, has a great attitude, stays consistent and knows what she can do and where she can push the limits…so Jennifer really knows her body.”

To keep her body toned, Jen practices Yoga with Mandy thee times a week in Yogalosophy sessions that are designed to improve mind, body, and spirit. Mandy explained:

“Yogalosophy contains a program which is yoga combined with toning exercises, so it’s a serious workout. Not traditional, but a hybrid. I included some extras like strength, stretch and balance. There are also sun salutes and the option of going fully loaded, where I have strung all of these parts together. When people get into a great routine, you see the results. Part of that is paying attention to the self, and going through the process.”

Although she takes advantage of a yoga instructor, Jennifer is no rookie to fitness. In fact, she even taught Mandy a few moves herself, as the teacher said:

“She turned me on to a great abs routine from another trainer that she’d had in her past. The routine is efficient, and works everything out."

Not everyone can have a body like Jennifer's, but that doesn't mean we can't try!

Check out a yoga class at a fitness center near you to experience the physical and mental benefits of the exercise for yourself. In the meantime, take advantage of Mandy Ingber's top tips for a healthy lifestyle!

- Stay Hydrated
- Go Green, Get Clean
- Lighten your load
- Don’t be sweet, go nuts
- Smile!
- Try Almond Milk
- Be Mindful

[Image via WENN.]

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