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8 Foods With More Sugar Than A Twinkie

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We apologize in advance if we ruin any of your favorite foods for you.

It would be a tragedy though, to think you're eating healthy when you're really just cramming yourself full of sugar which is just waiting to turn into fat.

So here is a list of eight foods with more sugar than a Twinkie:

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Nutrition Tips For Busy Moms: Delicious And Nutritious Easy Breakfast Ideas

Margaux's Nutrition Nibble

Perezitos's nutrition expert Margaux J. Rathbun has some wonderful nutrition tips for you and your little ones!

This week, Margaux wants to share some scrumptious and healthy AND easy breakfast ideas!

Because everyone loves things that are easy!

She says:

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Obama Stops In A Colorado Burger Joint And Talks To EVERY Customer!

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Barack Obama burger joint

Love him or hate him, it's hard not to smile when Barack Obama is around.

You want proof? Check out all these pictures (below) of people in a Boulder, Colorado burger joint smiling their faces off in his presence.

The President stopped into a restaurant called The Sink for lunch on Tuesday afternoon while he was in town to give a speech and took the time to talk to EVERY single human being who was in there.

Apparently, one girl got so excited, she accidentally spilled yogurt on his pants, but it didn't even phase him. The Commander in Chief explained:

"She got very excited and spilled yogurt on me … Getting yogurt on the president, you've got a story to tell!"

We'd say all those people have a story to tell and they will reflect pretty positively on the politician who is fighting for another term in the oval office.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Alison Sweeney Keeping Fit With A Light Yoplait Snack

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Or more like a snack of Yoplait light.

Alison Sweeney was spotted out and about keeping it healthy while going through her day.

She chose a healthy option, Yoplait yogurt, instead of a bag of chips or candy bar.

She definitely practices what she preaches.

Healthy eating and living tips from Alison Sweeney:

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Yogurt Advice!

Filed under: Q&AFitnessAdviceLisa DeFazio

Lisa D pic

Got a question about yogurt??

Don't lie, you probably do! We know this FitPerezcious reader did!

Here's what she asked:

Hi Lisa! I love that you are a contributor on FitPerez and am constantly reading your advice on staying healthy. With that said I have a question about yogurt. I know greek yogurt is supposed to be the best for you, but with all the yogurts that have the fruit in them or on the bottom I'm not sure if they are healthy or too sweet? Also if I can't get greek yogurt which other yogurts are a healthy option? I know Yoplait and Dannon have a lot of variety of flavors but I'm on the fence of deciding if they're good for you or just a really good taste. Keep doing what you do and thank you for the advice!

Lisa D is of course happy to oblige with an answer!

Here it is:

I am happy that you are enjoying my videos and tips! Yes, Greek yogurt will be the best as it is higher in protein-often 2 times the amount of protein as regular yogurt- and lower in sugar than regular yogurt. You are correct that there are so many choices in the yogurt section of the market and many are more like a dessert than a healthy snack! So, the number one choice will be Greek yogurt. Get the plain one and add your own fresh berries, or choose the Greek yogurt with honey. If that is not available, get a plain yogurt, I like Alta Dena or Horizon, as they do not contain milk from cows given hormones. Add fresh berries or a little honey to sweeten it. Last choice would be a fruit flavored yogurt, Horizon or Alta Dena brand, but get the flavor that has the least amount of sugar grams on the label. The Vanilla flavor may also be lower in sugar. Skip the ones that say "Light" as they add aspartame (aka Equal) and that will just stimulate sugar cravings. I hope that helps!

What good advice!!

We were wondering the same thing a few months ago to be honest — glad we know now!

And that's why we have registered dietician Lisa DeFazio!

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Take An Energizing Break!

Let's hear it for Greek Yogurt!!


Check out this awesome video from the equally awesome Margaux J. Rathbun, a resident expert here at FitPerez.com. In it, she lets us know some tips and tricks on how to take energizing breaks — and what to consume during them!

Not only that, but she reps the Chia Seeds too!

So good!

Watch above!

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Kendra Wilkinson's New Diet Is Nuts!

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Kendra Nuts


Kendra Wilkinson has started a new diet — and all it consists of is nuts and dried fruit. She calls it her 'natural diet':

"I've been eating almonds, pistachios, nuts with no sodium and some dried fruit all day long."

That can't be healthy. Doesn't that sound not healthy to you guys??

"We blend them in our smoothies and we have them in our yogurt. We're a healthy family."

Oh, well, adding yogurt and drinking smoothies is a little different than "only nuts and dried fruit."

You almost had us there!

[Image via WENN.]

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