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Tampa Man Accused Of Animal Abuse, Hoarding!

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This is a crazy story!

A Tampa man is being accused of animal abuse after forty cats were rescued from a two bedroom mobile home which was covered in enough animal waste to make the floors unstable. YUCK!

Kevin Lamar Addison was arrested and charged with 40 counts of unlawful confinement of an animal.

The cats are being taken care of by a veterinarian who is treating them for, conjunctivitis, upper respiratory infections, dermatitis, open wounds, urine burns on skin and fur, and chronic narrowing of passageways because of high ammonia levels.

Addison told authorities that he took the cats in after he heard that the strays would be rounded up due to annoyance to neighbors. He argued that he was saving them from death!

Wow! This is horrible for those poor cats, we hope they recover!

[Image via AP Images.]

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