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Beached Dolphins Are Often Deaf

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Researchers have found that most of the dolphins that are found stranded on beaches are deaf or nearly deaf.

Since these animals can't use their hearing to find food or their family they are disoriented and weak, which is why they are the ones that come up onto shore.

Since there have been several mammal strandings recently including beached whales, the question comes up of how did these animals become deaf?

Well, there has been a lot more noise in the ocean than there had been in the past. There are more and more power boats as well as huge ships.

It has been thought that beached animals should be given hearing tests, if they pass they will eventually be released back into the wild, however if they are deaf, they should be put into aquariums or places where they can be cared for.

This is sad, however it is a good finding!!

[Image via AP Images.]

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